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:: happy september ::

colorful leaves, pumpkin spice latte’s, cool fall weather … oh I’m so ready for this. I love summer but lately I’m really loving fall. I think it started happening after I got married and have my own house to decorate. Fall is so fun to decorate for in your house. I just love it. The candles … oh the candles … they smell so good! I love change. And fall is just that … change. I recently read that fall is actually the best time to make new goals and resolutions … not new years like everyone thinks. It totally makes sense doesn’t it?! I don’t know about you, but i just feel so inspired and energized when fall comes. Motivated! Which is good because i’m in full BUSY SEASON right now and need allllll the motivation I can get!

Thank you everyone who is being patient for your previews and discs. I think I’m officially behind my normal schedule as of today so I’m doing my best to stay “a float” … I know I’ve said it a million times but I really appreciate it and everyone being so nice helps me relax and enjoy what I’m doing and enjoy the end of summer beginning of fall. This weekend is the holiday and of course I’ll be working a little bit (bring all my work up north with me) but I actually really enjoy getting caught up! You can’t relax when you know you have piles and piles of work to do! So I’m excited to just get caught up … hopefully I can do that this weekend! 🙂 Also plan to fill the weekend with some time bonding with my wonderful family … horse back riding …. who knows. 😉

Here are my goals for this month. I’m keeping it short and sweet because my main goal is to keep up with all my work I’ve been doing. I’ve been shooting almost every night and weddings on the weekend! Love it! Thanks for all your support and make sure to leave a comment of some goals you guys have this month! I’m a huge list maker and believer and they really do help you stay on top of things!

september goals:

do some planning and figure some things out for my new website I would like to launch this winter
start doing pilates (i bought some stuff for it and can’t wait to try it … i’ve heard so many good things about pilates)
decorate for fall! yay!
start grocery shopping on a certain day of the week every 2 weeks. the same schedule. (i hate grocery shopping if you didn’t know that about me)
continue planning my vacation in October with Matthew! ahhhh! 🙂
keep up with all my work and get discs out on time
blog 3-4 times a week

last month goals:

finish re-decorating my back door area
finish the basement (I had a garage sale and it went awesome! I only have a little bit more to do and it will be all organized) yay
scout out some more locations*
get my location decision done at least a week before the shoot
loose 5lbs
finish my book, The Last Song (its so good)
start Millie’s “get it together” kit and stick with it for the 90 day plan
enjoy summer! Take a vacation weekend without bringing work with me … no laptop … i’m scared already but it must be done
go 3 days without logging on facebook … i’m anit-facebook lately (sorry)
buy the get to know you kit from Davina*
business finances
get our anniversary gifts to eachother (we ordered something together! can’t wait to share)

*** image credit : from one of my FAVORITE stores to shop at for my house but is super expensive … www.potterybarn.com … i know i know … i’m terrible. I try to take some of their ideas and do them cheaper on my own 😉

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  1. Jennifer Hessel
    Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
    I am fellow pottery barn lover as well and I love the pictures you selected! Fall is my favorite! Enjoy your holiday weekend!