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::happy october::

because i loved my last month goals post header so much … i thought i would revisit potterybarn and make up another banner that just makes me smile. fall, leaves, pumpkins, oh the joy of decorating your house for halloween! i love it! this past month flew by so fast I’m still in awe that its october already. i know i say that every month but seriously … september went by so dang fast. i had two weddings and one which i was a bridesmaid in which was amazing. my best friend stephany married greg, her best friend and i was honored to stand up for her on her special day. it was so strange being a guest and being in a wedding … i barely knew what to do with myself. at one point in the day i remember saying… “i’m not sure if its more stressful to be in a wedding or shoot one!” … looking back its definitely less stressful to be in one but i tell you what … i always wonder why the bridesmaids are so nervous to walk down an aisle and stand up for 30 minutes but after experiencing it … i now understand. i was so nervous i was going to trip! thats so me.

september may have been the busiest month for me in the work world too. i was shooting almost every night and am still trying to keep up. i’m almost there and also have been making some awesome new marketing tools that i’m super excited about. can’t wait to share more of that with you guys soon. looking back just makes me smile with all the amazing people i met this past month and the laughs we had while shooting. i just love my job.

looking forward … to october … i’m so excited to meet some of these people that i have been communicating with over emails for months! its getting a little chilly here in michigan but we’re going to just put our mittens and hats on and buckle through it and enjoy these beautiful colors the fall brings upon us.

october goals:

figure out an amazing halloween costume for matt and i
stop working when matthew gets home from work everynight
make more time for ME
finish fall decorating*
go on vacation with matthew (we’re FINALLY taking a vacation end of october! haven’t gone on one alone since our honeymoon 3 years ago!)
get my location decision done at least a week before the shoot*
paint the antique furniture i’ve gotten from friends the past few weeks (i have 4 pieces and i’m stoked about it)
go running 2x a week or walk with zoey 3-4x a week
hang my curtain in the downstairs bathroom and do the final touches
have friends over some night and the people we bought the house from (so they can see all the renovations!)

*septembers uncompleted goals

(also … in november … i’m going to try to post my goals list the first day! i was up north on friday for a shoot so wasn’t able to do it (thats my excuse) haha)
(and i plan on doing monday must have’s when i’m not as busy and have some more spare time 🙂 i have a list piling up for some ideas!)

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  1. Kaila
    Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
    i'm liking the last goal. ;)
    can't wait to see it!
  2. Tiffany
    Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
    I would like to be a part of the last goal!!