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happy new year

i knew it was bad when my little sister mentioned to me that i hadn’t blogged since the beginning of december. the fact that she noticed and told me made me realize that i have been MIA for a while now. sorry, there is an excuse behind it of course. I’ve just wanted to be disconnected for a bit. I’ll explain later. And once again, I’m not logging on here to post a nice long post but just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m heading up north again and wanted to just quick post this and let everyone know that I will be blogging a lot next week! [i already started a post about my Christmas presents that i want to share with you when i get back!] I’m so excited for the opportunities that I will be having in 2011 and so many exciting things will be happening in my life.

be safe.



of course a post without a picture is BORING so here is a picture from my cousin’s wedding! Jamey + Kaleigh! I should probably share those with you eventually too!

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