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Happy New Year 2016

With welcoming little miss Clare into our family in 2015, I have to say it was a pretty darn good year for us. It has been a crazy past 3 years with welcoming TWO babies into our family after being together for so long with no children, we’ve had quite a few adjustments to make but we were so ready for these little feet to be running around the house and all these diapers to be changed that it hasn’t phased us one bit. Obviously we still have our ups and downs but all in all, being parents is the best version of us. Together as a couple and as individuals.

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Having babies has been thee highlight of my life. I absolutely loved being pregnant, even with the aches + pains. That moment when they place the baby on your chest is like no other. But then … the aftermath. I try so hard to really soak in the newborn stages + young months of my baby’s life, and I feel like I do a pretty good job of it, even though it goes in a blink of an eye. But what I struggle with is my body after baby. Like so many woman do. I’ve tried so hard to give myself grace, and remind myself that it took 10 months for my body to grow a baby, it isn’t going to fall right off! But then I see everywhere, woman who look better than I do weeks after having a baby and I’m over here 6 months postpartum looking the same I did the day I came home from the hospital. I get really discouraged. So even though I’m trying hard to soak in those days, I sometimes get anxiety over the fact that its going so fast and I keep saying I’ll enjoy life more when _____ [insert whatever excuse I have, usually it’s ‘when I’M SKINNY’]. Or ‘once we MOVE’. I’m never going to get these days back when Levi is a toddler and Clare is a baby. So a huge goal of mine this year is to stop with the excuses and saying I’ll be happier when _____, and enjoy the now a little more. While my babies are still little.

So while working on being content with my body, I still am motivated to loose this baby weight! This is my year to do that, I can feel it! Having two babies back to back is no joke. We have a gym membership with childcare so no excuses! Its just a matter of me getting two babies out the door at a reasonable time to get there [any tips would be appreciated]. And letting go of them and letting someone else watch them for an hour or two [yikes, super mom anxiety]. I have nutrition plans, videos, workout plans galore. Eating is the biggest thing I struggle with, so the answer for that I think is planning + prep time on Sundays. I’ve known all of these steps but been making excuses for too long. No more excuses.

Speaking of chub ……. someone else is getting pretty chubby around here other than me. Its much cuter chub and I’m loving little miss’s rolls! I couldn’t help but buy this dress for her first birthday, and try it on her because its so sparkly + fun.

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I actually love making goals year long, so although many people do not like the new year resolutions, I kind of love them and its really not too different than every other month for me. Just a little more exciting. Back in the day, I used to blog my monthly goals on here [inspired by Nancy Ray] and I thought maybe I should start doing that again because I love holding myself accountable. I’ll be sure to share some once I’ve completed my list.

Making small more attainable goals for myself is definitely key to success for 2016. I usually set the bar way to high and try to change a million things in my life at once or accomplish too many things in a short amount of time and then I’m more likely to fail. So small goals for now that will hopefully help me achieve my long list of goals for the year. The main goals I have this year is loosing weight + becoming healthier. More sleep [I’m awful], more water, more exercise, and better eating. Continue to purge + organize so we can move soon, be the best mom I can be and do fun activities with Levi + Clare [especially at Levi’s fun age right now], finish my new packaging/paperwork for my business, establish business hours + editing days and hire a nanny/sitter, do bible lessons and devotionals regularly. Those are just a few big ones that pop into my head. In April, I’ll also be turning 29 so that motivates me even more to get some of these things that have been on my to do list for far too long. I want them done by my thirties and I want to enjoy my last year in my 29’s. Blogging more is also on the list along with learning some new hobbies.

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Hope everyone had a great start to the first week of the year + a happy holiday season. I can’t believe its done & over with already. Let’s continue to work on being the best versions of ourselves this 2016! Cheers!

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