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:: happy december ::

does any other michigander find it crazy that its 50 degrees outside on November 30 and December 1 comes around and we get a few inches of snow?! I love it. some michiganders complain about the snow and i like to be an optimistic person. sure the driving slows down a bit [and we all know i don’t like to drive slow] but i just love the season changes. not to mention the snow is gorgeous. i love it when people make small conversation and are like … how about that weather and then they complain about it … so then i just fire back with a ‘REALLY … i love it!’ juuuust to burst their pessimistic bubble πŸ˜‰

if you’ve been reading up on my blog, you know this month is slowing down for me. well, its suppose to. but life has its ways of keeping me very busy. with the holidays right around the corner i have been working my be-hind off on trying to get some things caught up around the house while trying to catch up on some photography work so I can enjoy the holidays. i’m sooo excited to give presents to people i love and hang out with family and friends. its going to be epic. so you’ll have to forgive me for my not to big goal list this month but i’m keeping it real.

december goals:

paint the storage room in the basement now that its ORGANIZED! (huge accomplishment for me)
finish christmas shopping
continue working on my branding and new business ideas for 2011
organize and re-design my office

november completed goals:

go through my clothes and donate more than half of them*
organize basement*
join a gym for winter*

i’m having high hopes for my to do list this month. with the way time flies by lately, its a lot to do! I can’t wait to finish organizing some things in my life (I’m almost there, i’ve been making great progress) and then i know i will start blogging more regularly and share some fun things happening in my life right now.

p.s. matthew and i decorated our christmas tree tonight and watched a little vampire diaries. oh and started our snowmobiles up … it was a great night πŸ˜‰ so happy its winter!!! hopefully we get some SNOW in the next few days! I’m talking a foot or something! bring it on. i’m thinking some donuts in the car in a parking lot sound fun! whoops … should i not share that πŸ˜‰ hehe

p.s.s. matt shot an 11 point first week of hunting πŸ™‚ pretty exciting!



[image is Heath Frisby just to get us all excited about snowmobiling]

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