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Friends at the cabin

I saw a post from someone I follow on instagram this morning that said, notice the people who make an effort to stay in your life. It really stuck out to me. Isn’t this so true?! I even have to remind myself this when it comes to those friends I need to try harder to stay in contact with. I met Alisa through the photography world and so thankful God put us together as friends. She definitely makes an effort to stay in my life & I do to her! We joke about our ‘first date’ and our ‘anniversary’ as friends, but it really is like that. You just know when you meet a person if they’re keepers. Alisa is definitely a keeper. She genuinely cares about me and my family.

We planned this weekend away a month or two ago and it was much needed for all of us. Some fresh northern Michigan air, and we had thee best weather. Super snowy but also warm enough for the kids to play outside. I loved having Alisa & her adorable family come stay with us at the cabin. It was so much fun and a weekend I’ll always cherish. We even managed to sneak away for a TWO hour snowmobile ride alone! It was amazing. We explored the trails and ‘scouted’ for a little photo session we of course planned to do the following day. I will definitely share those photos on here soon! Us Mulletts love winter + snow so I’ve always wanted to do a mini family session up north in the woods. Our favorite place.

There was lots of playing outside for the kiddos, sledding behind the snowmobiles, down some local hills that are deep in the woods, snuggles inside while watching a few movies, naps, and running around like lunatics inside which then usually led to us bringing them back outside to play some more. Needless to say, they were all exhausted every night. Levi’s little face just LIT up when his friends Emery & Zander got to the cabin. He had the best weekend. Its so fun to start to see him ‘playing’ with other kids and making friends. Clare loved her weekend too, she even went for a very very slow snowmobile ride but mostly hung out in her pink snow get up and smiled at everyone. She just loves being on the move and also watching the other kiddos play. She is such a happy baby.

Thankful for these fun memories! Hope everyone had a fun filled relaxing weekend as well! xo Leah

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pink hat [different color HERE] // floral carseat blanket // pink snowsuit [sold out from old navy]

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