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friday favorites

this week was suppose to be a vacation week … i successfully had monday the fourth off and tuesday but the rest of the week i haven’t been doing a good job of staying away from work. whoops. the fourth was amazing on torch lake, thee most beautiful lake in michigan. we were on the water for over twelve hours and the fireworks were crazy good. matthew and i had such an amazing time together and although we missed zoey, we extended the weekend in northern michigan and relaxed a little.

friday favorites is turning into being one of my favorite posts … and the past few weeks, one of the only. haha. i will be blogging more today but as always here are my favorites from the week.

favorite ‘lifestyle change’ book :: i’ve had this book for over two years probably and only read it half way before quitting. last night i started it again, and determined to finish it this weekend. i laughed numerous times though. i love this book and can’t believe i ever put it down. maybe because it is such a reality check. we have to have wisdom about what we are putting into our bodies. as i get older, i’m starting to care more about that. not only loosing weight but more so being healthy and not putting things into my body that aren’t good for it. definitely a good read if you want to make a lifestyle change.

favorite song :: after spending some time with my dad this past weekend, he always brings on a new song that i’ve always known but never knew i loved. the chain by fleetwood mac.

favorite bedding :: (available at anthropologie)

favorite thing i did over the holiday weekend :: boating on torch lake

favorite flower :: sadly … mine just died and they are no longer in season ๐Ÿ™ boo!

favorite craving :: we all know i have a weakness for ice cream

favorite reminder :: being in the photography business i often forget that i can do whatever i want. maybe i have different priorities and want to do things a little different. i need a reminder here and there that its okay to be different. i’ve always been, so why change that with my business. so please don’t compare me to other people, because i’m different ๐Ÿ˜‰

favorite polish color :: this week is definitely french tip on natural nails

favorite text ::

favorite ‘styled shoot’ set-up ::

favorite billboard idea ::

favorite ‘aweeee’ ::

favorite wall ::

favorite puppy pic ::

happy friday! what are some of your favorites from this week?!



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