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:: friday favorites ::

its that time again. the end of the week, and a few weekends off for me. my summer will be celebrated in those short weeks. πŸ™‚ this past week was full of meetings, shoots, dinner plans, working out …. here are some of my faves …



favorite summer drink :: strawberry


favorite celebrity :: i am somewhat of a celeb junkie i will admit … can you believe hugh hefner’s fiance called off the wedding a few days before?! pff … i know! lately i’m loving kourtney kardashian and by lately i mean ever since she became famous, before actually. when kim came around i immediately fell in love with kourtney on the show ‘keeping up with the kardashians’. i love her style and she seems like a great mother. not to mention super fun to hang out with … just all in all a good balance between cool and yet responsible mom. and this is from what i see on tv so i’m sure its not completely true but hey, i can still like her. oh and she is in amazing shape … another inspiration for me πŸ™‚ LOVE this photo of her …


favorite laugh :: totally saw this on lauren’s blog and had to share … seriously, only these jackass boys …


favorite person on twitter :: jeremy ‘twitch’ stenberg

favorite inspirational video :: again, twitch. nothing to do with photography but you can almost relate his drive in life to anything you do in life. love him.

favorite photo prop :: i must do a photoshoot with a bear head. and my parents have one! ahhh! excited! coming soon …

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DONE blogging for the day πŸ˜‰ just had to share with you!


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