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:: friday favorites ::

wow. seriously. friday?! i have NO IDEA where this week went. more blogposts are to come next week because this week just went by too fast. a wedding, an engagement session, and a family. can’t wait to share them but for now i’ll leave you with my favorites from the week …


favorite make-up brand ::

favorite summer dress ::

favorite new artist :: sara bareilles. loving her stuff lately. my favorite … ‘say your sorry’ and ‘uncharted’


favorite crowd booster:: this is hard to categorize but i just love doing fun DIFFERENT things that involve anything with a motor. cars, boats, motorcycles … drag races, motocross, snowmobiles, air shows, or referring to my last night. burn outs. matthew and i headed up to muskegon to check out the hot rod power tour. it starts off in florida and ends in detroit but stopping at muskegon along the way. it was so fun and different to go out and see these amazing muscle cars and i just loved the burnout competition that was randomly started on the road by some crazy young guys. everyone crowded around and hoot’n and hallar’n for cars to burnout. good ‘ole fun if you ask me. everyone has to love a good burn out right?!!!! 


favorite video :: the videos i post to seem to be ‘hit’ so i had to include another this week. it definitely doesn’t top last week’s youtube wedding video, which i don’t think anything will … but i have loved this video for awhile now so i would love to share it … the lamb’s name is Bee and he can’t figure out where the woman is so he hops from room to room. i know want a lamb. its on my list.



favorite bouquet ::


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  1. Corrine Helder
    Friday, June 10th, 2011
    Leah, check out www.pinterest.com. It reminded me of you. You'll find wedding and fashion ideas along with great picture ideas. It's my new favorite site.
  2. Marshall
    Friday, June 10th, 2011
    That lamb video is hilarious!!
  3. Ashley B
    Sunday, June 12th, 2011
    Holy cow. you always have some funny videos! me and marsh have watched that video at least 20 times each. haha so cute!