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:: friday favorites ::

i still haven’t come to terms that it is June 2011 yet .. have you?! it just seems like life is flying by. i’ve been blogging away if you haven’t noticed, trying to break them up into different days but lately it just works out that a few posts a day is what i’m doing. also been working on branding my business and need to make more time for that, along with working on getting my bikini body ready for this summer, spending time with matt, shooting lots of portrait sessions and weddings, and having fun. i love being busy and especially love keeping busy with doing things i love, i feel so blessed for that. speaking of things i love … here are some of my favorites from this week. definitely check out the videos. they will make you smile. and you guys need to start sharing some of your favorites … i wanna read them! happy weekend!!!!!!


favorite photo prop :: loli pop

favorite photo reminder :: yup. thats right. SOMEDAY when i do have a baby i hope to be like erin. erin vey is an amazing dog photographer and her blog was actually the first one i ever followed and i still check up on her every so often. she recently had a baby and i love how she still loves her dog gracie just as much as she always did … just another little peanut too. everyone thinks when you have babies your dog gets left behind and forgotten but i always say NO WAY. and look at erin for that reminder …

favorite hollywood couple :: thats right. the biebs. i don’t know if i’d say i have ‘bieber fever’ but i really do like him and i have always loved selena. just watched his video and it is actually very inspiring. i too love seeing people that do what they love and this kid is no acception. he is very inspiring.


favorite ‘YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME’ photo :: yeah … a little much. there is bieber fever and then there is retarded. sorry girl.


favorite map :: totally random but i love this


favorite staircase ::


favorite way to de-stress :: running


favorite laugh :: you have to watch the whole thing



favorite KICK MY FEET IN THE AIR WHILE I WATCH laugh :: seriously i hope this NEVER happens at any of my weddings. BUT if it did, i would probably laugh. hope that isn’t mean. if it happened to me i would cry … and then laugh. because i don’t care who you are … its funny. if you watch the aftermath of this on youtube you will see a mother jump on the best man and try to beat him up! and her dress goes down and her boobs show. yeah. BAD! haha







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  1. Friday, June 3rd, 2011
    Can I just tell you how much I love your blog? I added you on facebook because I love your photography & now I love your blog. I look forward to all your posts especially favorite fridays because a lot of your favorites are mine as well! Thank you so much for sharing.. & I hope you have a great weekend!!
  2. tara
    Friday, June 3rd, 2011
    ha ha ha! That wedding video kills me! it just never gets old.
  3. Brittany Frye
    Saturday, June 4th, 2011
    i seriously replayed that wedding video 10 times.....haha how he slips is perfect!
  4. Sadie
    Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
    I cant stop laughing at the Lamb video .... i just think about it and it makes me smirk to myself ... i watched it at work and was laughing out loud!!! .... it reminds me of our dog remi --- he just got shaved and looks like a lamb now, and the way Bee runs is just like him! lol lol xoxoxo