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Friday Favorites

Happy first Friday of 2013! Still feels so weird to write or type 2013. I’m sure I’ll get that down by June, once we’re half way into the year. Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and didn’t spend the first day of the year sleeping with a hangover. I know that is the way I brought in my 2012 and made SURE I didn’t do that this year. I actually spent my New Year’s Eve shooting a wedding for our friends and what a great way to celebrate an amazing year coming to an end and the new one! Its been so long since I shared my Friday Favorites with you all and I realize I still need to blog my monthly goals along with my year goals! So much catching up to do around here so stay tuned. For now though, as always … I will leave you with a few of my favorite things from this past week.



favorite barn ::


favorite show :: If you follow me on twitter, you are well aware of my new obsession for this show. I pretty much watched the whole season in a week, sad I know … but it was so addicting and I am sooooo sad that they canceled it! I mean yeah, some of the acting wasn’t the best … but it is one of those shows that leaves you hanging and you just HAVE to watch the next episode! So for those fellow netflix-ers out there, definitely watch this one. And hopefully they will bring it back, I’ve been hashtagging #bringbackthecircle … hoping 😉


favorite nature color scheme :: absolutely in love with these colors in this photo and due to us having no snow (what the heck) this is what i just love to see and do winter photoshoots in


favorite shower :: would love to do this in my next home!


favorite inspiration :: we plan on taking a pretty big trip/vacation this year [more details later] but this photo just makes me excited for it. Makes me inspired to take more photos on my vacations, something I never do. Can’t wait to fall in love with ‘landscape’ and nature photography all over again. So hopefully I can stand in a lake with a very similar view! eeekkkk! Isn’t it beautiful?!??


favorite quote :: we all need this reminder at times …

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What are some of your favorites from the week? And who here uses tumblr? I may be way out of ‘the times’ with this but I just recently started getting into it. Still very confused but found this page that TOTALLY just inspires me HERE! In life and photography. Be warned, there are some nude-y photos lol, but love just looking at random photos [the non-nude ones] put together in a collage. Fun ‘inspiration’ board.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



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