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Don’t you love that feeling that when you wake up you can just SMELL its Friday. Its weird I know but I swear the way the sun is shining and there is something in the air, i love Friday mornings! I’m getting pretty anxious these days to share my new blog with you guys but patience is a virtue. Now that spring is in the air because i’m pretty sure we just skipped over winter, I will be having more sessions to share with you all on here. Two engagement sessions I shot this week to share along with some posts i’m putting together to help with some wedding planning!

This Friday is pretty special to me for another reason, my sweet little niece is 2 today! Seriously seems like yesterday that she was born! These past 2 years have FLOWN by! We’ll be celebrating tonight with hello kitty cake and balloons of course. I’ll share some photos of her next week.

Here are a few things i’m loving from this past week. Happy Friday!




Favorite Facewash: absolutely LOVE this stuff!

Favorite Show: Downton Abbey … started watching in on netflix for background sound while editing and soon found myself not editing and HOOKED on this show. I currently walk around and talk with a british accent because its fun.

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Hallway:

Favorite Laugh: we’ve all done this … and have all been scared.

Favorite Photo:

Favorite Throwback Memory Laugh: okay lots of giggles this week but this next one is SO TRUE to when I was in school. Hilarious! Does anyone else laugh when they read this?!

Favorite Laugh that reminds me of Zoey:

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  1. Sunday, February 19th, 2012
    HAHA! I just laughed out loud at the TV ... hilarious! I seriously remember the excitement seeing that huge TV attached to the rollers and only hoped it was some Disney movie we got to watch (but it usually was a science related thing...). Ohhh... the memories! love it :)
  2. Stephanie B
    Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
    So true about the tv! haha I love the hallway photo as well...wish I had one like that in our house but we always want what we don't have. :-)

    Yea, winter basically skipped us this year. Not sure what summer will bring but I'm hoping that means it will be a good one. Spring must be coming early right? LOL

    Here is to making 2012 a good one! Love the blog as usual and thanks for sharing!