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friday favorites

today i am full of life and inspired. have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head. excited to evolve my style over the winter, how i blog, and how i showcase my business. and its that time again … time for some of my favorites from the week. happy friday. happy weekend.




favorite mid-fall snack :: toasted pumkin seeds


favorite laugh :: [gotta love the upper peninsula]


favorite pintrest laugh ::


favorite new found blog :: jessica is a private yoga instructor and i am just loving her blog. she even has videos on youtube showing how to do yoga poses. and she’s super cute 😉


favorite videos :: there is three to this week’s video sequence. first is the video they became famous with and then ellen had them on her show and the third video just aired the other day and i just think they are hilarious. especially the little blonde girl that is there for support.




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