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Felicia :: Senior

Two words come to mind when I think of Felicia …. “wait … what?”

Once again, meet one of my little sisters friends. She has a lot of them, not sure how but she does and I was lucky enough to photograph a lot of them. Picture this … 3 girls in short jean country girl shorts walking around the mission downtown Grand Rapids, yeah, not pretty. We were totally not prepared for that. We had so much fun between getting watched by cows, Brittany running on hay bails all weird like, and sitting in a homeless chair. Oh, and we can’t forget the bicycle rim that Brittany found and decided it should be Felicia’s. I know reading this blog you are probably confused because most of this is inside jokes but all I have to say is I have no idea how Brittany and I got so weird … but we are.

And lets just say Felicia fit in our group pretty well.

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