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Elizabeth + Scott :: Winter Wonderland Engagement

Seeing that we just got a good dusting of snow here in Michigan yesterday, I thought I should share another recent session I photographed that also took place in a winter wonderland! Elizabeth + Scott are from west Michigan but are currently living in Missouri, so we did not have much of a choice to not go out for the session even though it was only 12 degrees outside that day because they were in town so we had to do it. Perks of the freezing temps … amazing snow storm happened right before.

Even though we about froze our fingers off, sessions in a winter wonderland are some of my favorites because they are just so so pretty! I am one of those ‘odd’ Michiganders who absolutely LOVES snow and how beautiful it is. Our session wasn’t as long as usual but still so in love with these images and what we got before they waved the white flag. These two have conquered a long distance relationship which is so so hard I can only imagine. A true test of your relationship! I am so excited to photograph their wedding this coming summer and document them tying the knot! Their love for one another is pretty obvious. Happy snowy Wednesday! xoxo Leah

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