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Elizabeth + Josh :: Wedding

I’ve really been looking forward to going back through my photographs from last year & sharing them with you all. Holy cow was it so fun to re-live these awesome wedding days. I seriously just LOVE my couples! It is so crazy to me how clients that just click so well with me, find me. And perhaps a different photographer. I can’t say this enough, choosing the right photographer for you & your day is so so important.

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Elizabeth + Josh were married in my all time favorite place, northern Michigan! The lovely bride got ready along with her NINE bridesmaids in this adorable cabin that had thee best view of Charlevoix. And this was a fun group of woman let me tell you! Elizabeth if one of FIVE girls. Yes, FIVE daughters! The wedding day was so beautiful, fun, full of love, and also very emotional as her father had unexpectingly passed away a few months prior. I obviously had never met him but the love for him by his family and all the guests was so obvious & just vibrant! I absolutely loved getting to know these two throughout the planning process! They’re from east Michigan but somehow God put us together to work with each other throughout this process and I’m so grateful. Enjoy some of my favorite images from their lovely day! XO, Leah

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