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Dirty diapers + Netflix binge

The title pretty much sums up our weekend. I swear Saturday was just one of those days where I felt like I changed 872 diapers. Poopy ones. You know you’re having a shitty day when you are walking around and think, holy crap, my coffee breath can’t be THAT bad?! And look down to see a bunch of poo on your boob. Sweet. We kept our spirits up though and didn’t let these poopiness effect our moods of course. For the most part, we spent the snowy weekend at home, snuggling + playing all while I’m trying to edit in between & catch up on work during naptime with a little netflix binge in the background. One too many trips to target + some yummy fresh farm eggs.

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Can we just quick chat about the show that is all the rage right now, Making a Murder?!! Oh my goodness, I’m hooked. Matthew started the show and I was like eh, what is this. By episode 3 I was like AHHHH and WWWHHHAAATTT!?!?! Matt and I literally just look at each other like O.M.G. Its freakin’ scary, the judicial system. At one point, the lawyer says something to the effects of, ‘good people who will never commit a crime may think they’re safe, but they better hope they’re never accused or set up’ … how true. Such a scary thought to be accused of something you didn’t do. So I totally binged watched the whole show! Obviously no one knows what really happened to that poor woman but I personally feel as though Avery is innocent and the real killer is still out there. Some of the evidence is just ridiculous that they are using. What do you all think? I’d love to hear! There is a petition you can ‘sign’ online if you agree Avery should be set free or atleast given a new trial [perhaps in a different STATE?!]. I’m thinking there was just way too many coincidences for it to be him. I asked Matt while watching it, what if he is guilty? [because we’re believing he’s not] … well then, we’ll feel bad, but I really don’t think he is. They never even looked into anyone else, like ex boyfriends, her roommate, if someone in Steven’s family is setting him up? So sad if an innocent man who has already served 18 years for something he didn’t do [prior crime he didn’t commit], is spending pretty much his entire life behind bars. So so sad. And don’t even get me started on his nephew or the annoying ass voice of the defense attorney. Gah! If you have no idea what I’m talking about … its a must see. Clearly. I even love the way it was filmed & the opening song issss awesome. I read this blogpost on these fun facts about the show as well, make sure you don’t read the spoilers though!

I told you I’ve been binge watching it.


*** update! *** I just found this article/theory of what really happened and this is it! This is what I believe! Hoping this helps free Avery!

Friday I got to play with some new make up & am LOVING it, can’t wait to share some of what I bought with you all so maybe you can enjoy it too! More to come on that soon!

Saturday was the “poopy” day … literally. My niece Isla’s birthday party scheduled for that night was canceled due to her little sister Elena getting croup [it was so scary because she literally went from fine to barely being able to breath all in the matter of 20 minutes on Friday morning while we were playing with makeup at a friend’s house. So my sister rushed her to the hospital & we took Isla home to play with us for the afternoon], so we will be celebrating her next weekend with Levi! But it made for a boring Saturday night, so we ended the day with baths all around because of the poo … and Levi man living out his jammies being a ‘wild child’. That lavender scent bath did no good that night. And have I ever told you guys how much I LOVEEE it when babies start to grab their little feetsies?! Its my fave.

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I normally do not work on Sundays but had a client who lives out of state here so we snapped some engagement photos in a winter wonderland which was gorgeous, but also freezingggg. 10 degrees. My fingers almost fell off but we survived. Loving my new camera bag which also could be an amazing diaper bag fyi! I really wanted a bag I could potentially carry more than one camera in for portrait sessions + weddings. This works great. The Kelly Moore Kate bag, fun fact: I met Kelly before she started this company and she told us she had some fun things in the works that were going to include camera bags. Obviously had no idea how insanely big these bags would become!

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We also house sat a few days for my parents this weekend while they were out of town, and I won’t name names, but someoneeeee … didn’t want to get bundled up to do the horse chores.

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Hope you all had a fun + happy weekend! Would exciting things did you all do?