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december 2011 goals


we all know i’m a little disappointed that we don’t have any snow right now but i’m hoping and praying that its coming soon. and maybe it will feel a bit more christmas-y when its here. i just LOVE snow, christmas music, scarfs and mittens … i’ve even come to love brushing off my car because that means we got some snow! not to mention its still boot season, and boy do i love boot season.

during the month of december i try to do something i rarely do. Relax. and because that is my main goal for this time of year, you often times won’t find me. literally. i disappear. over the years i have evolved into quite the introverted person. i enjoy me time and really enjoy being in the middle of no where. some girls think i’m crazy for wanting to be more than an hour away from a mall, but that’s how i keep my sanity. i get excited just thinking about it. i love sitting on the front porch of our cabin with three feet of snow on the ground and where you can hear the wind coming through the trees before it hits your face. [sigh] amazing.

so on top of that main goal that i can’t wait to conquer, here are some more of my monthly goals.


december goals ::

design and order all albums
finish all my christmas shopping by december 10
wrap all my presents by december 15
spend lots of time with my families
bake and decorate cookies with my grandma
try a yoga class
sit on the front porch of our cabin and read
snowmobile!! [hopefully]
blog my 2011 wedding and portrait favorites
make a list of goals for 2012
finish my last few wedding edits
finish my portrait edits

* uncompleted november goals

seeing that its on my goal list again this month, i thought i would share a photo of matthew and i’s pre-thanksgiving trip to the cabin doing what i love early in the morning while he chopped wood. i was so happy and cozy. shortly after that we gut his deer, that … not to cozy. and have i mentioned that off roading is a favorite of mine as well???






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  1. Marcy
    Friday, December 2nd, 2011
    Please add "Get together with Marcy to whip this into shape! "