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danielle + dave :: maternity

weekends … weddings. weeknights … preggo bellies. i swear that is what it has come to these days. and i’m okay with it. but i hope you all realize that we’re having a baby boom happening amongst us right now, its nuts. danielle and dave are expecting their first baby june 1. But we’re pretty sure he OR she will come in may. love it when couples wait to find out what their having. life only has so many surprises these days.

danielle is older sister to my good friend sara whom i don’t see enough. one of the life long struggles is to have balance in your life among friends, family, and work and i so wish i could spend more time hanging out with my awesome friends but sadly, i don’t see them enough. so danielle and i have been ‘linked’ for some time now … i use to dance in her basement and wear all her dress up clothes. she was the ‘cool’ sister sara and i always wanted to spy on and listen to her phone calls … yeah, we were cool.

so happy for these two and waiting to hear the good news. my vote … ehhh … is a girl. but really i have no idea. but its a rule i have to cast my vote.

how fun is this too, what seems like YESTERDAY … i photographed sara’s second pregnancy [don’t judge it was a long time ago] and seriously … how beautifffullll are these girls?!! and by looking at sara’s kids whom i’ve photographed numerous times … HERE and HERE and numerous other sessions i never got to blogging, to name a few … they make cute babies. so i’m sure this baby lamers will be to die for!

again, thanks. so honored and flattered and just love their whole entire family and how they are always so sweet to ask me to capture exciting times in their lives! SUCH SUCH SUCH a sweet couple. Enjoy 😉




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  1. Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
    those meaney girls I tell you...always beautiful!
  2. Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
    These are so goooood!!! Ahhh! She must be due soon!!
  3. Brittany
    Thursday, May 17th, 2012
    Love them!! She looks great! Cant wait to see what her little one looks like!! :)