Leah Mullett Photography


jamming to ‘breath of life’ by florence + the machine
drinking my creamer with a tad bit of coffee
anticipating my workout in an hour with brittany
inspired by ruche lookbooks + mikaela ruth photography
praying for abused animals
wishing matthew and i were in northern michigan
hoping i can catch up on work in the next week
determined to start using my planner again
trying to figure out how to get all the things done i need to these next few days
excited to have some time to myself this fall and gather my thoughts, inspirations, and get organized after a crazy busy season
needing to learn to go to bed on time
realizing i need to bite the bullet and get some new photos of myself + family
wanting a slice of pumpkin pie … with whip cream of course



i have so much to share that i wish i could just snap my fingers and all my work would be done so i could just share all this goodness! but i’m slowly chipping away at the work here and LMP and had to share this beauty. stephanie + ryan’s northern michigan wedding will be on the blog soon enough but as they travel up even further north, to the upper peninsula to celebrate with family up there, i had to share this image she is framing for her second reception. what a wonderful day it was and hope you two have a lovely time celebrating your marriage for another night with friends + family. happy thursday!

xoxo – Leah

p.s. a year ago today my sister brittany laid three pregnancy tests in front of me. what a blessing mila has been to all of our lives and brought our family so much joy. God is good. she is 4 months today and one happy baby getting fatter by the minute. why is cellulite cute on babies and not grown women?! thats what i want to know …

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