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sister time is important. and i love it. i have some amazing friends but i can’t think of me letting loose and being silly like i am with my sisters. we are weird together, plan ‘ole weird. my mother often shakes her head when around us. one part of my job that i have a love/hate relationship with is scouting. you see, i love driving, especially out in the country. but then you have to add in the looking and searching for that amazing unique spot that no one else has seen the beauty of and then figure out how its going to work all without crashing. yeah, its tough. so often times i ask a friend to travel along with me. this being brit, and it turned into being quite the fun afternoon, us being silly yet again.

jam’n to some songs that brought me back to high school and making funny faces, and maybe sneaking in some not so appealing dance moves was how we spent our evening. along with finding some fun spots and just for the heck of it snap’n some pics. some of my favorites photographs are for nothing at all. no pressure. just fun with the camera and brit. i always read other photographers saying the same as what i tell my fellow new photographers … practice. practice practice practice. and i need to do it more often.

as life flies by i want to remember to stop and slllloooow down, which for me is hard. i need to walk sometimes.

i love these shots of brit with the sign. symbolizing where she is in life right now. kind of frustrating but we have all been there. the crossroads. there is that time when you’re in college and you don’t know where to go and what you ‘want to be’ and then what i like to call the quarter life crisis. brit has yet to get to that one. oh life is fun.


fav ….

yeah, we have fun.





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  1. Matt
    Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
    Pics turned out awesome!!! I LOVE the first shot!!
  2. dawn
    Saturday, June 4th, 2011
    leah the pictures are sooo awesome! you and tara made the whole day so much fun! processing your adoption papers. . . .when can we hang out?
  3. Steph
    Thursday, June 9th, 2011
    So cute! I love the colors in these .. great outfit!