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cross it off the ‘want’ list

i made it quite clear to everyone in my family that there was NOTHING i needed for Christmas. of course i can always scrap a few things together for a list of ‘wants’ but more so, at the age of twenty four … i just truly enjoy the company of family and the best of it all, watching my three year old nephew and one year old niece open their gifts. that is the best part.

i would love to hear what it was on some of your lists? and what you got? one of my favorite pass-times is working out and i absolutely love workout apparel. its just so comfortable … so even after i workout, i usually end up wearing it all day if i don’t have shoots or meetings and what not. yes, and sometimes even when i don’t workout, don’t judge. so among that and a boxing fitness bag, gloves, back pack for snowmobiling, deer skin gloves to use while riding horse … i got something that has been on matthew and i’s ‘want’ list for the past few years!

its quite the long story and possibly for a different post but my love for photography actually started with videography, or videos for that matter. at the young age of twelve i started to show interest in videos, any kind. music videos, movies … but more so dirt bike and action sport videos and clips. when i have something on my forehead (wanting something and its all you think about) i tend to work hard to get it and thats exactly what i did. for ten years i was involved with 4-h and sold pigs. my first few years of making the money i saved, but i finally splurged on a video camera of my own. i had no idea what i was doing but really enjoyed playing around and eventually shot some weddings and made a few videos just for fun of family vacations.

that then led to photography which i felt was more me, but my love for videos has always been there, more so as a hobby and that’s what i think i needed to figure out.

this coming year i hope to continue to explore even more and dig into me and what it is i truly love to do and DO IT. for so long, growing up … i am such a people pleaser that i often found myself doing sports and activities that other people wanted me to. sure some of them i still absolutely love but i always made time for what everyone else wanted to do and this year i want to focus and find those things that make me pumped. snowmobiling will remain to be one of those things and i can’t wait to capture it this winter with our new GoPro HD Hero 2 camera! Its a helmet cam and really you can attach it to anywhere!

Now i’ve come to the point where i’m going to have to spend lots of hours during my off season trying to figure out how this bad boy works and also how to edit it. i included the promo video below which is obviously amazing and shot by professionals … not to mention i don’t think we’ll be traveling to some of these places for awhile … or jumping off cliffs. who knows though.

i’m really looking forward to debuting my new blog design this coming year (next month or so!) and also including some more videos on here of my life and maybe doing some vlogging. enjoy 😉 and wish me luck. we’re testing it out this weekend.





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  1. April Brenner
    Sunday, January 8th, 2012
    I'm going to get Clayton the GoPro HD Hero 2 camera for his birthday coming up. I have to admit, I'm excited about it for me too! hehe
    I figure since he will have the camera mounted on his helmet or sled, then I will always be the one on film for the most part : ) LOL
    I read a lot of the review's online and it sounds like the new one is pretty "B.A."
    Woot Woot, can't wait, now all we need is SNOW!!!!!