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Christmas 2015

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Just about as quickly as it came, Christmas is done + gone. Another year in the books. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas spending it with friends + family! The past couple days I’ve literally been trying to figure out how to fit all these THINGS in my small house. We ended up turning our front coat closet which barely gets used, into a toy closet now. Thank goodness. Looks so much better in our living room, it was starting to look like a daycare center.

Christmas time is always super insane for us. I know it is for everyone but coming from a family with divorces, and re-married parents … we have quite a few extra parties to attend. So it is go go go like none other.

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We started a tradition last year of visiting Santa on our way to my dad’s house on Christmas Eve with my nieces + nephew. Let me just say, Levi did not disappoint. We knew he would freak out. Poor santa. Matthew literally had to peel him off his arm to get him to sit on Santa’s lap, all while Clare is like, oh HEEEYYYYYYY. We then headed to my dad and stepmom’s about an hour north who we definitely don’t see enough. [My stepmom always has such beautiful decorations]. After this get together, Levi was JUST starting to get the hang of opening presents. He started to figure out, HEY, there is some good stuff in these things. It was so funny he kept bringing us presents and saying, “open?!” while we ate dinner. This year I had all our presents wrapped under the tree for a few weeks and he only ripped the bows off, but I have a feeling next year I may have to hide the presents like so many of you moms have to do.

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While adults were opening presents, I all of a sudden got that CRAP! WHERE IS LEVI??! feeling we all know what I’m talking about. Welp, come to find out … he was hungry and helping himself to brownies in the middle of the table and literally laying on the plates full of half eaten meals to get to the brownies. Sweet. We had to giggle though because he was looking at us like, what?! These are amazing.

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Ended Christmas Eve doing some photos of the kiddos in their Christmas jammies, just missing my niece Mila. And you gotta love it when a photographer’s kid will NEVER cooperate in photos … ugh. [last one, just wait] …

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My sister’s four little elfs …

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Blurry, but he was willing to hold her for .2 seconds, so I’ll take it.

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Yup. There you go. He’s such a little sh*t sometimes. Cute little sh*t though. christmas2015blog 22

I recently saw a saying that said, “I’m only a morning person on Christmas day” and that is so true for me. We woke up bright & early [and happy none the less!] and made sure everything was perfectly ready for Levi to wake up. His eyes lit up when he walked out and saw his new balance bike leaning by the tree. We opened gifts and then headed to my mom’s to open more gifts, somehow us girls managed to get Clare’s hair in pigtails for Christmas, and we had a yummy breakfast. I seriously wish I could have a breakfast like that every morning, although my butt is probably thankful I don’t.

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I happened to have caught his reaction when he walked out of his room to see his bike 🙂 Hoarding all his paci’s of course.

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Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

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We attempted to lay Levi down for a nap at my mom’s but with no such luck, Clare napped great so we had 1 out of 2 in a good mood for when we headed to Matthew’s mom’s house. Hey, 50-50 is good right?! Levi seriously had a meltdown before we opened presents so we ended up laying him down and he crashed. Poor buddy was just straight up exhausted. After a little snooze, he was so so happy again to open some more presents. He’s been carrying around his buzzlighter, well actually … pushing him around in his new shopping cart … ever since we got home that night. It’s so darn cute.

Christmas time is definitely more exciting when there is children involved, and I love love love being santa! 😉

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Snuggled up that night with some more Christmas jammies and I’ve been playing with my new essential oils I got for Christmas! Ready for the new year and some fresh new starts! xoxo, Leah

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