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christmas 2010

i swear one year i want everything you could possibly think of and the next year … nada. this year was the nada year. everyone was begging me for Christmas present ideas and basically threatening me with nothing if i didn’t give them some sort of an idea. i sat down and starting typing some things down only to later delete them because i finally came to the conclusion that i don’t need anything! yes, i admit it blog readers … i’m a brat and have everything. ha. there i said it matt. seriously … all of my friends and family do. we have so much stuff and are so blessed with so many amazing things. it didn’t help that the past few months i have been going on a freak attack and de-cluttering my life and purging so many things i just don’t need anymore. i hate clutter. i love everything to be perfectly organized. ahhh … its like heaven to me to see my closet all color organized, and clean.

sooo i basically said, you’re on your own to everyone and gave people a few ideas. [which i ended up getting none of those ideas i gave people so i guess those weren’t what they were looking for]. matthew actually got creative this year and bought me a few things that he later remembered i had mentioned. little things around the house. my big gift … well, lets just say i’m “PACK’N HEAT” that’s right … my very first hand gun! i am so excited to go get my CCW in the spring. i won’t go into detail but i love shooting [new hobby of mine] and also feel its important to protect ourselves and take advantage of this right that we have, while we still have it. i also received a ipod speaker system for my house so i can put a wireless speaker in every room and decided what room is on and what not … a coat, horse stuff, a projector for my office, and a few other goodies. Plus … a book i received from my mother in law that i have been wanting for a long time now and am loving it! You’re Hired by Bill Rancic. SUCH a smart business man and very inspiring.

What did everyone else get for Christmas this year?! comment and share! ๐Ÿ™‚

one thing i wasn’t happy about on Christmas was our amount of snow we had … but as of today … i’m happy [my backyard this morning]

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