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Cheers to 28

Cheers to another year of life!!!! [with water of course] I celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday and will continue to celebrate for the next 15 days. I celebrate all month long. Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes on instagram, texts, phone calls, comments .. I appreciate it so much! Makes me feel so special.


I woke up to flowers on the table, Levi already eating breakfast [slept in a bit, bonus!], a few presents, and the hubby making me some breakfast! My mother in law who worked all night stopped over with a card and some fresh cupcakes. I did wait for the eggs to settle before eating one, I thank you … We then headed out for some errands, some which included shopping. Matt told me he would do whatever I wanted and not complain and I didn’t want to push it too much but Anthropologie was on my list! Along with the Latte bowls that were on my ‘forehead’ [meaning I’ve been thinking about them and wanting them for a loooong time]. We of course bumped into a friend there whom of course called Matthew out right away that they couldn’t believe he was shopping in that kind of store. So shortly after, Matthew Levi was getting fussy so I finished up quickly and we were on our way. Crazy what makes your day once you have kids … like shopping without having to worry about your kid squealing is so so exciting.


We also managed to have a date night last weekend with just the two of us at my favorite restaurant, Longhorn and it was de-lish! Followed by drinks with friends and me of course being the D.D. Which I’m perfectly fine okay with. I love feeling great the next morning! Then dinner last night with my whole family which was so much fun. Levi was very excited about the brownie sundae I shared with him. He loves anything and everything that isn’t good for him I swear. My mom even gifted me with professional house cleaning!!! AHHHH. Best idea ever! I am so so excited. Old age?! Mom problems?! You decide. I’m thinking I want to use it right before we bring this baby #2 home so I can lay around breastfeeding while sitting on an ice pack for 6 weeks and not feel sorry about it. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?!


I thought it would be fun to do a little post with 28 things you may not know about me! So here it goes …

1. I was in 4-H and sold pigs for 10 years at the local fair growing up.

2. I grew up racing motocross every weekend. When I was 15 I actually competed in a huge race called Loretta Lynn’s which is out of state and a pretty big deal. Then I met Matt and my priorities went from tomboy racing to a BOY. Oh gee.

3. I’ve never really SAW myself as a creative person. Even though I know I am …

4. I am PETRIFIED of ticks! Ugh. Disgusting. If I have ever taken your photos in a field or the woods … you know this.

5. I absolutely love the dentist and the doctors!

6. I have never had a cavity in my life … probably why I love the dentist still. And p.s. my nephew is very impressed by this when I told him yesterday.

7. I have a million books that I’ve never read. I love buying books and the idea of reading but rarely make the time to actually read. Whoops. Matt will no longer let me buy books. I AM going to read them someday. I think.

8. I am terrible with drinking water! Something I am working on hard lately. There are days when I realize as I’m brushing my teeth before bed that I haven’t drank a drop of water. Besides what I’m brushing my teeth with. SO. BAD. Eeeeekkk.

9. I’m a very organized person with most things … purse, car, house. Life just goes so much smoother when things are where they should be.

10. I’m a cleaner … not a cooker. I try really hard though to work on the cooking part. There are a few woman whom I like to call super freaks who do both … but I’m convinced that most woman enjoy and/or are good at one or the other. Atleast that is what I tell Matt. Shh, don’t tell him otherwise.

11. I grew up a huge tomboy because my dad had all girls and so he kind of dubbed me as his ‘boy’ … still am at heart but enjoy the girlier things in life now. Pedicures are my favorite.

12. I’m slightly obsessed with our local greenhouse and buying/planting flowers in the spring. [Countryside greenhouse in Allendale to all my local readers?!] I secretly want to go there everyday in the spring. But that would be expensive.

13. I have figured out I’m about 2 years behind my sister Tara in life. If I mock her about something, 2 years later … it happens to me. I thought it was so weird how obsessed she was with dishes 2 years ago, today … I’m obsessed with dishes. I no longer mock her about things and just know it is in my near future.

14. The only classes in high school I passed with flying colors were gym, art, business, and any class that required a lot of talking/involvement like debate class. Otherwise I would say I was an average student.

15. I’m a night owl trying to make it in a morning person’s world. I’ve gotten so much better since having Levi but its a struggle everyday. I get so much energy at night!

16. I tend to exaggerate a little bit when telling stories [hence #7 … its probably more like 20 … not a million.]

17. I actually am the most emotional sibling in my family probably even though I grew up the tomboy tough girl … DON’T watch Hachi … EVER. Or Marley and me … especially while pregnant.

18. Obsessed with animals. I really need to get new chickens but I can’t kill off these ones because they’ve become pets now. Even though they are useless because they no longer lay eggs. I’ve bought them a few ‘last bag of feed’ … I’m a crappy wanna be farmer. [sigh] I even peeled a mouse out of a sticky trap in the garage once. He was killing me with that adorable stare.

19. I hate grocery shopping.

20. I’m a speed demon. Also has gotten better since having Levi but I love going fast!

21. I am hair handicap. Like seriously can’t do my hair. One nice thing about when it was long … I just curled it as quick as possible and it was good to go. Short hair is actually much harder for me. Hence the pony tail all day ‘erey day.

22. I’m super indecisive.

23. I have severe endometriosis. There is only 4 stages but my doctor said if there was a high stage, I’d be like a 8. It is hereditary but I only know of my great aunt who has it. My luck.

24. I’m a huge family person.

25. I never change my jewelry. I love wearing the same staple pieces everyday.

26. Matthew and I are currently trying to do the Dave Ramsey debt free plan. Boy is this hard!

27. I’m extremely hard on myself about everything.

28. I love love love making lists! Best app ever is Teux Deux !!! [pronounced To Do] It makes my heart happy! I have daily to do’s, somedays, want list, house list, “honey do list” … you name it.

And there you have it. Let me know if there are any things that shocked you?! Or make you not want to read my blog anymore? I like to think of myself as “real” and an open book … so some of these things may not be a surprise. Coming up with 28 things about yourself that people may not know is hard!!! And makes me feel old because i had to think of so many! Want to know what else makes me feel old … when my nephew sings me happy birthday last night and then does the whole, “Are you 1, are you 2, …” Yeah … he was counting for a while.

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  1. Thursday, April 30th, 2015
    Happy (belated) birthday friend! I loved reading this list and learned so much about you! ;)
  2. April
    Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
    I totally agree with #17!! Although I wasn't pregnant, I still cried like a baby while watching both movies.