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amber + brian :: wedding part 2

amber and brian pulled together their closest family and friends to stand up for them in their wedding and it was such a great group of people to hang out with all day. most of them were family due to them both coming from large families, especially amber who had her four sisters stand up for her along with her new sister in law. brian inherited a tractor from his grandfather that made its debut in their engagement photos and of course he had to trailer it up to bellaire, michigan and have it be apart of the wedding day….

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amber + brian :: wedding part 1

i love seeing all the different styles and types of weddings. it makes it so exciting going to a wedding every weekend wondering how different it will be from the last one. crazy how different they really are, and all so beautiful. this wedding was what i wish i would have done, but in my defense … weddings were so different even five years ago! so i just live it through my amazing brides. lace, soft pinks, peonies, hay wagon, i could go on and on. this wedding was amazing. not only the decor and all the hard hard work…

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tori + kyle :: wedding

i’ve come to just accept that this is my life right now, busy busy summers working non-stop. Yes, yes … I’m still on vacation but this girl has waited long enough to see some of my favorites from her big day. tori and kyle were so much fun to work with and we had a blast being there when these two tied the knot. I had always wanted to actually SHOOT a wedding at the grand rapids art museum and was so excited when tori and i first met downtown holland when she filled me in on all their plans…

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jammie + patrick :: wedding

i don’t like to think of myself as a person who thoroughly enjoys eating, but i do have to say i look forward to my meal allllll day long when shooting a wedding. it just takes so much energy and not to mention, we usually don’t get to eat anything until about dinner time because we’re so busy so when it comes to that point in the day, i’m excited. it was justine and brian’s wedding last august when we were seated under a tent, once again … we were hot, sweaty messes … and super ready for a yummy…

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jamie + jamie :: forest grove wedding

yes, yes … both their names are jamie. so for the sake of not confusing the heck out of everyone with this post, i will refer to them as bride and groom. or as they like to call themselves, jamie 1 and jamie 2, jamison and jamie. this wedding was not only an amazing reunion for tara and i with all our old forest grove friends and whom i like to call, family … it was also very near and dear to my heart to be there when these two tied the knot. if i had the time or the…

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janelle + cody :: wedding

what a beautiful and relaxing wedding day. i normally can’t say ‘wedding’ and ‘relaxing’ in the same sentence. they just don’t usually go together. but janelle was one of thee most laid back brides ever. and we all truly enjoyed their day because of that. once tara and i introduced ourselves, the girls continued to get ready and we captured some of the lovely details from their day.

they started with getting ready at their local church, after a first look, we then headed to grand haven to enjoy some sunshine and water. there is just something about grand haven,…

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lauren + kyle :: dearborn wedding

wow. life has been nuts since i last blogged. i was out of the office for medical reasons but am back at it and working hard to catch up. i’m so excited to finally be sharing with you all a wedding i shot the day before my birthday in april. meet lauren + kyle. i met them what seems like forever ago for coffee to discuss their wedding day plans. both had moved to western michigan for school but their story doesn’t start there. they met the summer before 10th grade back in high school. kyle was friends with a…

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lynsey + darrel :: wedding

i was thoroughly impressed hearing how hard this lady works. she didn’t have much time to devote towards dating because of a very demanding job so after hearing numerous stories about online dating success, she thought she would give it a try. they had a wonderful time on their first date, which ended with them sitting in a truck and talking for hours. that’s when she knew it was going to last. they had so much chemistry, they could talk to eachother for hours upon hours.

it was such a beautiful march day and lynsey has one of thee most…

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kelsey + andy :: wedding

the last engagement session I shot in 2011 and the first wedding in 2012. And what a great couple to share both exciting monumental times with. For those of you who were in the bridal party for this amazing day, i’m sure you were wondering if I made it home alive with all fingers … seeing I was so close to freezing to death. I’m happy to say I am alive and well and fingers now have their circulation back. Boy was it cold. I’m pretty sure it was just because I was outside for a long period of time…

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creating a timeline

For those who have planned a wedding or are currently planning a wedding understand when I say, it is hard work. So many factors go into creating the perfect wedding day … time to take photos, family members knowing where to be and in what outfit, flowers, bridal party, hair, make-up, ceremony time, transportation … making sure your guests are happy and have food and drinks to keep them happy while they wait. Sometimes it gets to the point where you have to remind yourself what a wedding day is suppose to be about! Marrying your best friend and love…

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