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Elizabeth + Josh :: Wedding

I’ve really been looking forward to going back through my photographs from last year & sharing them with you all. Holy cow was it so fun to re-live these awesome wedding days. I seriously just LOVE my couples! It is so crazy to me how clients that just click so well with me, find me. And perhaps a different photographer. I can’t say this enough, choosing the right photographer for you & your day is so so important.

Elizabeth + Josh were married in my all time favorite place, northern Michigan! The lovely bride got ready along with her NINE…

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kailen + lukas wedding :: part two

Now onto the reception. After some portraits, we were welcomed into ‘the party’ that had already began. I also had my wedding reception in a barn so I’m a bit bias but I just loooove barn receptions. They are so fun and the atmosphere and ‘feel’ of the party is so different in a barn. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve been to one. Another thing that is amazing, for all you brides or soon to be brides planning weddings … is when you have everything in one location. Obviously this isn’t always do-able but if it is,…

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kailen + lukas wedding :: part one

Get ready. This wedding post is going to be insane. It took place in a barn, they got ready across the street in an adorable farm house with an amazing view, fields all around … yeah … make sense now of why this post is going to be insanely long? I just couldn’t help myself. So I divided it into two separate posts. I’m so thrilled to be finally sharing this wedding with you all today. This wedding took place near Clark Lake, Michigan so I drove in the night before and you should have heard my excitement…

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bradley + emily :: wedding

Be warned. This post is going to be a loooooooong one full of too many photos. There is no other way to share this wedding that has been dying to hit the blog. Bradley and Emily are near and dear to my heart as you can read a little more about here on their engagement photos post I posted yesterday. Because I think we should stick to the love these two have for one another on such an amazing day.

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audrey + justen :: wedding

My sisters and I were so nervous to meet the ‘new’ family we were about to become apart of and little did we know, we would be welcomed in with open arms and a huge smile by everyone … especially Audrey. My mom married into a wonderful BIG family and I am so thankful to be officially apart of this family for almost twelve years now. I really don’t remember the first time we met, but all I remember is is that Audrey was so sweet and welcoming to the family and we hit it…

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why hello

Hello friends! I am sooooo thrilled to be posting this sneak peak from a wedding I shot this holiday weekend and also to be back to blogging after taking a much needed break. I feel so refreshed and there are so many exciting new things happening that I cannot wait to share them with you all. Hope everyone had an amazing fourth of July! After shooting a wedding in Lansing, I spent most of the week up north enjoying life at our cabin and watching fireworks over the lake with locals, then headed home to photograph an amazing wedding…

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favorites coming soon…

Excited to share some of my favorite photos from 2012 here on the blog soon. But for now, here is one of them …

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sarah + adam :: wedding

It really does seem like yesterday that I shared April + Clayton’s wedding with you which was also my last of the year. And here we are, somehow … a year later and I’m sharing my final wedding of 2012 with you all. [HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF] I do have a wedding on New Year’s Eve this year but teeeechnically this is my last wedding. And boy did I go out with a bang.

Sarah and Adam met through nursing and so glad they then found me to photograph their engagement and wedding day. What a blessing. The day was…

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melissa + levi :: wedding

[please read this entire post in a ‘george bush’ southern accent in your head] … Howdy Y’all. Yes, I can totally talk southern on this post because I want y’all to meet my southern friends Melissa + Levi. I actually went to high school with Melissa so her super cute accent was adapted over the past few years of her living down south while going to school to be a dermatologist/physician assistant. Yeah, this girl is super smart and I was bummed I didn’t get to meet Levi until the wedding day but so thankful Melissa and I got to…

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mallory + austin :: wedding

Mallory and Austin’s wedding day was everything a wedding should be, and more. Between an amazing home to get ready in, a gorgeous bride, a giggly first look, and all their fun friends and family there to celebrate, it really was a beautiful perfect day. Not to mention all the fun, pretty, and unique details Mallory added in to their day. Mallory’s personality definitely was showcased throughout the day. I love that.

I got to know this amazing couple pretty well over the past several months and throughout this whole wedding process. That is my favorite part, making new friends….

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