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senior sessions

mary :: senior

after shooting steve + sadie’s wedding i received an email asking me to go back up to elk rapids and shoot some senior portraits for a girl named mary. mary was explained to be … the perfect farmer’s wife. i was so excited to meet her … oh and of course drive up there. i’m not sure what it is, and don’t get me wrong … there are so many nice woman around here and i meet new ones everyday but there is something about the woman in northern michigan. i feel like they are so laid back and welcoming….

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aren :: senior

meet aren. my new found friend. of course we got paired together from family friend’s, brother’s daughter, blah blah long story … or something like that. [ha] aren is so sweet and at first a little shy, but after spending only an hour with her … her fun personality shines through. immediately i can tell aren is very mature for her age and very responsible. she has plans to go to college and be a graphic designer and after hearing those words, i had an idea. oh great. i know… aren and i will be meeting later this week to…

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emma jo :: senior

emma and i go way back. family friendship put us together. if i remember correctly, it started due to horse back riding. a common interest. jeff and sally (emma jo’s parents) bought 3 horses with no background in horse back riding so our family took it upon ourselves to help them learn the tricks (of course). one thing about horse riding is when you ride with a family, you get very close to them. learn things about them that very few people know. so they basically become family … and i love it.

what do i love about emma jo?!…

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mackenzie :: senior

where the photography career started. [do i say that alot?] well … this is for real. you see, i had the best job ever when i was sixteen. i was a nanny for three adorable little girls. naughty, but cute ๐Ÿ˜‰ samantha, mackenzie, and delaney. huge sports family … hence the reason why the girls are always the best on the team … at every sport. they’ve been on the cover of women’s sport magazine for their hockey talent and have won the michigan state championship for softball three times [with my sister brittany]. i guess i owe it to…

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Courtney V :: Senior

i loved growing up with cousins that are the same age. my cousins randi and kaleigh are just months apart from me … of course i’m right dab in the middle. sure we had our arguements and times when we only liked one or the other but all in all … i feel very blessed that i had these two family members as really close friends. randi actually stood up in my wedding and in my cousin kaleigh’s last friday. to this day us three girls are very close and its just so nice having family as friends. especially lately…

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abby :: senior {session two}

dancing under a willow tree like no one is watching … yes please. when abby asked me to do another session of her with curly hair and dancing i was stoked. how fun is that right?! this was my first time photographing a dancer and i loved watching how beautiful, elegant, and graceful they are. abby is no exception. she is definitely gifted.

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laura :: senior

so i have this amazing friend named katie. she has been awesome enough to tell her entire family about me and my photography and i have met just about every single one of her family members. i think i have two more to meet … and then its official that i will just start attending their family get-to-gethers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

laura is one of katie’s cousins and i had so much fun meeting her along with her mom and brother downtown for some scavenger hunting and picture taking. i loved learning about color guard which is what laura devotes most of…

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taylor :: senior

you know those things called man crushes? well … matt totally has a man crush on taylor’s dad, Scott. like bad. he came home from deer camp … or maybe it was one of his many snowmobile trips and all he could talk about was this man named scott. after meeting him … i understood matt’s man crush. scott is awesome and so is his family who I had the opportunity to meet here in holland where they stay almost every weekend in the summer. they are from a town near lansing so holland is a regular visit for them…

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rebecca :: senior

rebecca comes with an amazing assistant … her cousin Cassie. that’s how we got introduced and boy am i happy we did. cassie is one of my closest friends and i was so happy when she told me about her cousin that wanted her senior portraits done. i had so much fun shooting these and lots of laughs with rebecca, cassie, and rebecca’s mom sue. we met and drove downtown where we basically went scavenger hunting for some good spots. i can’t get enough of her smirk … and serious look. she is so photogenic! i love it.

oh. not…

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abby :: senior

hello! i never thought i would ever be this busy in my life … wait … no … i did … its a normal occurrence. BUT this week was the craziest week so far this summer. I shot 7 times this week. that’s a lot for me. today is saturday and here i sit … working. its okay though, i’m actually not bitter about it because all i want to do right now is stay a-float with this work. if i have to log in a few extra hours on a saturday for my sanity, its totally worth it.


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