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senior sessions

amber :: senior

i photographed this fun girl named amber. we met downtown grand rapids and immediately set off to snap some portraits of her during this exciting time in her life. senior year. she may go down in leah mullett photography history as the senior with the most outfit changes but we managed some how to squeeze them all in before the sun was gone. she is currently a senior at calvin christain high school and dreams of someday becoming a physician assistant. ‘maybe’ she said. quite the job and school work load, but this girl can definitely do it. she’s determined…

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morgan :: senior

i really enjoyed spending some time with morgan and her mother and chatting about her dreams to become a photographer as well. you know how every year you get older [and i’m talking to people that are twenty and even fifty year olds] you obviously … or hopefully get smarter and then you start looking back and thinking oh only if i knew then what i know now. or … i was so young and dumb then! i’m only twenty four but i’m pretty sure this is something i will constantly do. i say this because when i hang out…

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mariah :: senior

my weekend was filled with riding horse, hanging out with family, and a senior session. we were up at our cabin in kalkaska and i headed towards williamsberg to meet mariah and her family for a couple hours. with cowboy boots and spurs on and all. i swear the further north you get in michigan the nicer the people are. oh how i love northern michigan. i think we all know that … i might talk about it a lot. whoops.

we finally started snapping some photos after the storm passed and had a blast getting to know mariah and…

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paige :: senior

i jumped out of the car the day before to take audrey’s senior portraits and then ask, ‘who’s this?!’ to her friend standing besides her, “hi! i’m paige, you’re taking my pictures tomorrow.’ I was so excited to meet her officially and for the surprise that she tagged along with audrey! it was so fun and we got to know eachother while snapping away at audrey. the next day we met downtown grand rapids and picked up where we left off. talked about her passion for dancing and how it fills up her days and nights pretty quick.

today is…

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audrey :: senior

we rescheduled after we seen a huge storm on the radar and ended up meeting to snap some photos of audrey on her 17th birthday. how fun. this girl is sooo awesome. if you don’t know her then i suggest to get to know her. i can tell she is one of those friends you would never want to loose. very talkative with huge dreams. we chatted about her thoughts on being a personal trainer … but then again, she has always had mad love for photography. no matter what direction this girl goes, she’ll be good. guarantee that.


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marissa :: senior

we knew we wanted more of a ‘country’ look to show marissa’s personality in her senior photos. ‘queen’s lace’ she mentioned over the phone … moment of silence … ‘you know, the white flower in the fields of tall grass?! you’ve shot in it before … ” OHHHH thats what its called. had no idea. [one of my few blonde moments] . my little sister brittany had played softball and won the state championship with marissa covering first base, so i had heard her name tossed around throughout games. she’s super pumped for her varstiy year in softball with hudsonville…

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alyshia :: senior

giggling, laughing … we did it all the night we took some pictures of alyshia. her friend amanda tagged along and sure did help make alyshia laugh. fortunately there is no such thing as too much laughing when it comes to me taking pictures of someone. i love laughs. i love the REAL person coming out and shining through in their photographs. thats always what i shoot for while shooting … just show who they are. it didn’t take long for her to open up and even though i barely knew her, i could tell the real alyshia was in…

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isaiah :: senior

i’m not sure why i took isaiah’s senior portraits, i mean … in my mind, he is still ten. my brain will not accept the fact that he is a senior! i’m working on convincing myself though. even though i remember isaiah being a ‘little’ boy … he’s actually quite larger than me now. i’m feeling old at the ripe age of twenty four.

isaiah’s sister courtney graduated last year and i also got the chance to capture this exciting time in her life. check those out HERE for a little reminder.

ginny [isaiah’s mom and family friend] tagged along…

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emily :: senior

i feel as though i’ve had a good mixture lately. a mixture between people i know and new faces. emily falls into the category of ‘hi friends’ seeing her here and there with my little sister and brother. so sweet and shy, until you get to know her and she breaks out of her shell. her plans to go to college after high school for an ultrasound technician seem to suit her perfectly. we chatted about what drove her to that and how she has always loved the medical field and something seems to be pointing her there. but until…

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shane :: senior

there is something about the energy surrounding a senior that i love. i think its just the feeling that anything is possible and so many new challenges ahead that gets me excited when i meet a high school senior. i love meeting new people and hearing their stories … or more so at this age, their dreams. they usually don’t know exactly what they want to do but that’s the beauty of it in my opinion. i’m excited for them to go off and experience meeting new people and seeing other areas. I [also coming from the hudsonville bubble] know…

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