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rachel :: senior

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful senior named Rachel. I had such a great time getting to know her and having lots of fun chats with her and her mother. Senior sessions are always exciting for me because I love to think about the possibilities these young adults have. Such an exciting time in their lives.

I absolutely loved Rachel’s style. I always try to tell my clients to make sure to dress the way you do and show off your personality. So when she came prepared with hats, fun colors, and a shirt with leopards on it…

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Equine Assisted Development :: portraits

I had the opportunity to photograph something a little different several weeks ago. It was so refreshing to work with horses for me obviously, I miss riding mine so bad while pregnant. I know some women ride throughout their pregnancies but I was told to refrain from it, so I guess I can take the year off … but it has been tough. Deb is a woman who always had a vision of helping people with horses and I’m so proud to see her vision become reality. She contacted me in hopes of photographing some ‘details’ and get some shots…

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mila rae :: 16 months

Oh where to start with this little munchkin. Talk about needing some energy for a session … even though she is my niece, it is still extremely hard photographing a toddler on the move. And boy is Mila on the move!!! She is 16 months here in these photos and what a journey it has been the past 16 + months [pregnancy] with Mila. She has many nicknames, just to name a few … Mila Feel-a, Mater [from the movie cars due to her humungous gap between her teeth], sometimes it is Jack Nicholson … depending on the…

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chloe :: senior

When we first met this past winter snowmobiling together, we made the deal that I would for sure photograph her senior portraits. I was so happy when we set a date and I got to hang out with Chloe and her mom and Scott. We had such a great time, and I loved getting to know Chloe a little bit better. They are from the Lansing area but have a place out in Holland so it was perfect to mix it up for this high school senior and photograph her senior portraits somewhere different. And close to one of her…

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lucas :: 18th birthday portraits

Excited for everyone to meet Lucas here on the blog today! I kind of feel old when I think back to my first family get together with, at the time, my mom’s boyfriend’s family [now her husband] and I remember Lucas was like 5 years old! And here he is on his 18th birthday a few weeks ago! It has been so great getting updates from his family and how far he has come. I was so excited to photograph him on not only his birthday but it was such an exciting day for him. We met at…

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oh abigail :: portraits

It’s been amazing watching this girl rock her industry and grow and grow and grow. Like most, I can barely keep up with this crazy girl’s schedule and all the million things she has going on. Through the years of being one of her best friends, I always told her she needed to ‘combine’ all her million things and consolidate. I’m so thankful she finally listened to me. Yes, I’m taking the credit. Sue me. But it’s true.

Along with working at full time as a marketing director, she has transformed her hobby of shopping into a business. How…

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isla gene :: 6 months

It feels like it was seriously just the other day when my other niece Mila was born and Tara was acting funny while Brittany was in labor. Normally I wouldn’t jump to ‘are you pregnant’ but in my sister Tara’s case, it was the first thing that popped into my head. And sure enough, she took a test the next day and it was official that Isla was on her way. [by the way, in case you didn’t know it is ‘eye-la’] Every single person in our family figured she was a boy, so when miss Isla Gene came…

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miranda :: expecting

So many preggo bellies lately. Miranda aka Randi is my cousin and best friend. It was cousin pinterest night, [the special night when all the crazy Holst cousins make an excuse to get together and have a few cocktails and make ‘pinterest’ crafts] when Randi shared the news with me. I believe my answer was YAYYYY followed by a confused look and pointing to her alcoholic drink. She explained that it was apple juice … not vodka.

I am sooooo excited for this couple to be parents any day now and can not wait to meet this little baby…

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isla gene :: newborn

My new niece Isla Gene was born on February 16, 2013 at 7:00pm and I may have introduced her a few times already here on the blog but why not ‘meet’ her again. Its so crazy how my sister’s family seems so complete now with this third little baby. As anyone would be, we were nervous how the other two kids were going to handle a little baby being brought home and stealing their mother’s attention from them … but surprisingly … the kids are doing amazing with having a little sister in the house. So thankful for that….

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abigail :: promo portraits

I so wish I could share all these images. Every single one of them. But I was threatened not to. By this girl. Meet Abby. One of thee most talented girls and busiest woman I know. And she has big plans. She’s close to launching a new website/blog where it will link up all those things she has going on. Not to mention you’ll be able to shop online. Lets see if I can name a few of the things she does … She works full time at her family business J&H Oil [mobile], makes jewelry and sells at numerous…

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