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maternity sessions

This past Christmas my husband totally shocked and surprised me with tickets to fly down to visit my best friend Stephany in Texas!! I had never been there before and was so so excited. Super nervous though once I realized the tickets were just for Levi and I … traveling with a baby, pregnant … whoa. I was a hot mess at the airport. Especially when they told me I had to take my boots off (which were tied on) and I about died of bending over everything being scrunched. Not to mention, going to the bathroom was a task…

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fall maternity session : Katie + Kyle

I’m so thankful to be considered this families “photographer”. I photographed Katie’s sister’s wedding this past fall and she was one of thee cutest pregnant bridesmaids, or should I just say thee cutest pregnant woman ever. So we chatted about doing a fall fun maternity shoot up in her hometown, Williamsburg [right by Traverse City, Michigan] and I was so so pumped. Not to mention they even shared some donuts with me. BONUS.

So excited to share also that this session was featured on the lovely blog, Grey Likes Baby! Hope this inspires maybe a fun fall shoot for someone…

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erika + eric :: expecting

First, lets start out with this adorable dog because my blog clearly loves dogs. Meet turbo. He is freakin’ adorable.

Bumps everywhere!!! I found out my good friend Erika was pregnant shortly after I found out I was. She is about 6 weeks ahead of me and I can not wait to meet her little man coming in December! I keep texting her reminding her how close she is to having this babe because I’m so excited and nervous for her and secretly happy she is going before me so that she can give me some pointers 😉 Although,…

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vanessa :: expecting

One thing I absolutely love about my job is meeting new people, especially when it is during a very exciting time in their lives. Vanessa and Robert are about to welcome their little baby boy into the world. Yes, the blog is going to be hit with lots of preggo bellies the next few posts. I have more in the vault … not even including my own. I guess I’m attracting the expecting mama’s out there.

We had some crazy weather while shooting and I was loving the awesome clouds rolling in. And just to let you all know, No…

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miranda :: expecting

So many preggo bellies lately. Miranda aka Randi is my cousin and best friend. It was cousin pinterest night, [the special night when all the crazy Holst cousins make an excuse to get together and have a few cocktails and make ‘pinterest’ crafts] when Randi shared the news with me. I believe my answer was YAYYYY followed by a confused look and pointing to her alcoholic drink. She explained that it was apple juice … not vodka.

I am sooooo excited for this couple to be parents any day now and can not wait to meet this little baby…

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tara :: expecting

We joke around in our family that Tara has been pregnant for the past 7 years but I guess it hasn’t been that long … that would be bad. Baby number THREE was born this past Wednesday and I am so excited to share some photos and introduce this little peanut but first I have to share some last minute maternity photos we snapped a few days before the baby’s arrival. [this whole 2 weeks early thing put a kink in my blogging schedule] We had done a maternity shoot for the last two babies, and Tara wasn’t quite feeling…

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leigh + trevor :: expecting

baby harper is here and doing well, but i had to share these photos of leigh and trevor during such an exciting time in their lives! leigh and trevor definitely have a special place in my heart. i feel so blessed to be so close to them and to have been a part in thee most exciting years of their lives. such an amazing part of my job. with so much negativity around in the news and what not, its so sweet to be apart of wedding days, exciting planning and engagements, anticipation of a baby’s arrive and so many…

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lindsay + andy :: maternity

i met lindsay and andy for the first time when we met to document this exciting time in their lives. their baby boy is due in a couple of days and these two are ready to be parents! one of my favorite parts of my job besides taking photos is to ask questions and get to know new people. this night was a perfect reminder of how much i love that. throughout the session, i watched the two get more and more comfortable with me and their personalities start to shine. lots of laughs and sunshine in these photos.


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danielle + dave :: maternity

weekends … weddings. weeknights … preggo bellies. i swear that is what it has come to these days. and i’m okay with it. but i hope you all realize that we’re having a baby boom happening amongst us right now, its nuts. danielle and dave are expecting their first baby june 1. But we’re pretty sure he OR she will come in may. love it when couples wait to find out what their having. life only has so many surprises these days.

danielle is older sister to my good friend sara whom i don’t see enough. one of the life…

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amanda + tyler :: maternity

this baby boy was due to come out today but nothin’. and sorry amanda, but i’m kind of glad. now he can come out … i just wanted to post these before he makes his debut! tyler is a very good friend of ours and we were so happy to see amanda come along and see tyler so happy! then comes along such a blessing and we can’t wait to meet this new little baby boy! so fun that we are entering that stage in life when our friends start to have babies. his parents are pretty amazing … and…

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