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December Happenings

Holy cow Christmas is in two days & December has been insane over here for us. When I hear someone say they’re ‘bored’, I kind of secretly want to slap them out of jealousy. I’m so craving that feeling, being ‘bored’. Although I don’t think I have really experienced that feeling in several years, if ever. I’m just kind of a busy body & always have things or projects I could work on. But that is my goal the week after Christmas. Take some time off from the craziness and be BORED. Heres to hoping …

We’ve been flying around parties…

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5 month old Clare + an almost 2 year old

Levi is almost 23 months and getting so so smart. I love watching his little brain work. I can’t believe he’s going to be 2 next month! How fast life goes [especially once you have babies] is just insane, and scary! Makes me feel like tomorrow I’m going to be eighty playing cards in Florida, like my grandparents are all doing right now. Panzies. Anywho, Levi is super into farm animals, especially horses. We often times have to drive over to my parent’s house just to say goodnight to our horses who live there. And the cows across the street…

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Christmas Tree Hunting + Parties galore

Nothing like kicking off the first weekend of December with not one, not two, but THREE Christmas parties. Whew. We’re still recovering over here. Took all day today to try to catch up from a crazy filled weekend. Not to mention we ALL were sick all week + weekend. Never fails this time of year. Friday night we stayed in with some pizza + a movie + started decorating around the house for the holidays. Our house isn’t too big, so there isn’t a ton that has to go into that, but we brought everything up in prep for the…

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Weekend Fun

We had our first snow fall of the year here in Michigan, I seriously went from not thinking about Christmas at all to totally ready to go Christmas shopping and get it all done in 2 hot seconds. Its amazing what a little bit of snow does for your holiday cheer.

First I would like a huge pat on the back, perhaps a cookie, or a trophy … Matt was gone hunting for about 10 days. TEN. So I’ve been home solo with the babes that whole time. 22 months + 4-1/2 month old … and a dog. I was super…

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Our Halloween Weekend

This past weekend snuck up on me, straight up flew by, and next thing you knew I woke up Sunday morning, first day of November … all confused why Matt let me sleep until 10am when we had to get ready for church?! I seriously was so confused, got ready for church just going off my phone thinking Levi must have messed with my alarm clock [this happens on a daily basis] … pulled into church and said, “Now why is this clock wrong too in the truck?!” Wow. Took me that long. I normally am ON it with the…

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Pumpkin patch + a Hay Ride

I have to admit I feel a little guilty about Levi not getting out a ton this summer to do fun activities. Something I always looked forward to before having children but then 42 weeks pregnant came … I wasn’t goin’ a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. Then baby came, and that just scared me even more to leave the house out numbered. Now that Clare is 3 months [how the heck?!] I’m getting a LITTLE more confident to leave the house with the two on my own. But I had a friend for back up of course.

Wednesday was such a beautiful fall day! Of…

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Meet: Clare Elizabeth

We welcomed our little baby GIRL to the world on Tuesday, July 7 at 5:11am. Miss Clare Elizabeth weighed 8lbs, 9oz and was 20-1/2in long.

I was & still am so shocked we have ourselves a little baby girl! Before little Clare came, Matthew and I along with the nurses and doctor wrote on the white board our guesses on the sex, weight, and length of the babe and I put my final guess in as a boy. So when she came and they put HER on my chest, I just…

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New Blog + New Baby

It was long overdue, so the blog finally got a facelift! Thank goodness! So much has changed in my life since the last blog design that I really felt like it needed an update. I’m really hoping to shape this blog more so around my life & personal shenanigans with some photography goodness thrown on here as well.

I am still doing photography even after the babes, so make sure to spread the word. Just not shooting near as many as I did in the past, seeing that I have my two babes to spend time with now….

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40 week bump :: baby #2

Due date has come and gone and I’m not surprised this little stubborn baby hasn’t made his or her debut yet. It think IT is super comfy in there. But mama isn’t so comfy. Although I’m such a weirdo and already know I’m going to miss being pregnant. Even though it feels like I’ve been pregnant for 3 years straight when you put breastfeeding in the middle of the pregnancies! Matthew and I just love to lay in bed and talk about the fact that we’re about to be blessed with another little baby and we just never even imagined…

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tips for baby #2 + maternity jeans

Like most mothers of one, I’m nervous to bring a new baby home and to make sure Levi doesn’t feel any animosity towards the new little one, and still gets attention from me even though I’m going to have my hands full with a baby latched to my boob every two seconds I’m sure.

I’ve been reaching out to friends and family, along with friends on instagram for tips & tricks to make number ONE go from only child with all the attention to sharing mom and dad with a baby and have gotten some great advice! So I put them all together…

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