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sarah + adam :: engagement

how beautiful is this beautiful bride to be?! and adam isn’t too bad himself ;). i was so excited after meeting with sarah and kicking it off right away to hear she wanted me to be apart of her wedding day. we met at panera bread, one of my favorites for lunch … and chatted about life, inspirations, and this amazing couple. adam actually played soccer back in the day with my husband matt, back in his ‘athletic days’ i guess lol … wish i could have seen that. such a small world.

excited for their wedding coming end of…

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jenni + adam :: engagement

from the moment i met jenni i knew we’d be a match as couple and photographer. jenni is a art teacher and everything about her wedding day is going to showcase that fact 100%. she came to me with so many ideas and inspirations, and not to mention this girl is organized! a girl after my own heart 😉 [as she said to me about my little sister’s shower]. i’m not even sure how long we ‘met’ for the first time but i was so pumped when she asked me to be their photographer and then i finally got to…

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sydney + kyle :: engagement

once again, its that time of year. these two are already married, we met a few weeks before their wedding day and shot some engagement photos. i think these sessions are so important and absolutely some of my favorite sessions because its great to have photographs of you with you fiance not only because its an exciting time in your life that you want to remember forever but also because its you two, in your normal clothes, all in love. on a wedding day, you’re on such a time crunch and cramming so much into one day that often times…

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mallory + austin :: engagement

its that time of year where i share a session with you sometimes long after my couple has their photos. that time of year when i’m go go go, barely have time to sleep. i’m still chugging these days … but wowza am i busy. so blessed to be this busy but excited for some time for myself maybe in the fall …. orrrrr winter.

mallory and austin were such a blast to hang out with. the whole time we were together, i felt like i was hanging out with friends i had hung out with for years. to be…

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lauren + eric :: engagement

lauren and eric have been enjoying their photos for a few weeks now but i just had to share a few on the blog today with you all. we met and in a short amount of time, ended up at a few different locations but absolutely loved hanging out at the beach with these two. lauren is so sweet and when i first met with her and her mom lisa at a coffee shop, we talked for hours and finally had to just leave or we were going to close the place down. lauren has always been so nice and…

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kaylin + kendall :: engagement

nothing like a late night blogpost right?

they met through mutual friends and have been best friends ever since. so relaxed together and so much fun to hang out with, even if it was freezing cold and again, our boots got wet. atleast kendall is a sweet heart and carried kaylin around when hiking through some mini ponds. i loved hearing their story and how they love to go on road trips together. UM HELLO, ME TOO! i’m pretty sure we all know i’m a huge fan of road trips. LOVE LOVE LOVE. one of their best ‘dates’ was a…

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janelle + cody :: engagement

at the time, they weren’t looking for each other. they were single and having fun. i love how cody worded it when he was telling me the story, saying he would have never guessed he would meet a girl and fall in love at that time in his life. he was just hanging out with the guys and having fun and then bam, there’s janelle. its been about two and a half years and their ready to tie the knot in only a few short weeks!!! they’ve been busy working on their house, they also went the remodeling route which…

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tifani + nick

i took the month of december off of sessions to catch up on my weddings, albums, and life’s to do’s that were neglected over the busy summer and fall months, but when tifani emailed me … a fellow photographer … i didn’t even hesitate to meet her and her fiance nick. this coming may these two will be hitched and although i am not their wedding photographer i was so excited to meet them and get to know the duo. tifani and i chatted most of the time about her story and journey with photography and she kept on mentioning…

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matt + miranda :: just because

its finally friday and it snowed. which leaves me sitting here working and smiling ear to ear. i absolutely LOVE snow, and that might have something to do with snowmobiling and northern michigan. my blog has been a bit neglected this week but for good reasons. i’ve been concentrating on albums and emails, along with christmas shopping and spending time with my family. speaking of christmas shopping, i never thought i would ever say this so early into december but i’m almost done. oooohhhh snap. something that has been on my goal list for years upon years in december is…

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kelsey + andy

sometimes when i’m driving down the road after getting done with an engagement session … i giggle to myself and how much of a mess i was. now, when i say a mess i mean a different kind of mess that what you may think. so much in the moment and freaking out with ideas that i get all flustered and what not. tripping, not making sense or saying full sentences. saying the wrong names … and lots of weird words like, oh, ah, and ehhh. i probably am not making much sense right now but looking back to my…

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