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Seeing that we just got a good dusting of snow here in Michigan yesterday, I thought I should share another recent session I photographed that also took place in a winter wonderland! Elizabeth + Scott are from west Michigan but are currently living in Missouri, so we did not have much of a choice to not go out for the session even though it was only 12 degrees outside that day because they were in town so we had to do it. Perks of the freezing temps … amazing snow storm happened right before.

Even though we about froze our fingers…

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Ty + Ashley :: Engagement

I photographed this engagement session back in June, literally right before I was about to pop with baby Clare. These two were actually married in Maui on May 7 and are planning a wedding/reception for exactly a year later here in Michigan for family & friends to celebrate with them. So technically these could be considered just married or engagement photos. I mean you can clearly see the ‘newlyweds’ written all over these two, they are so in love & I had such a fun time capturing it.

Here is a wedding photo from their elopement in Maui. I tried to talk them…

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Nick + Michaela :: Engagement

I knew when the babies started coming that I would have to slow down photography wise. And I was okay with that. Still am. I absolutely love being a mama, it is thee BEST job I’ve ever had. Also the hardest. [And lets not forget about that waitressing job I had back in college.] But I also knew I always wanted to continue working after kids [part time] and that continuing doing photography was something I had to do for myself.

The past two summers/falls have been all about finding that balance. I feel like that is always a part of…

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jason + keasha :: engagement

Lets look at the positives of me barely blogging since Levi was born … I have so much goodness to share!!! That makes me feel a little better to look at it from that perspective. My ‘blog’ list is quite long these days and even though it is some time after I shot the session, I still want to share these goodies and introduce you to these amazing couples and families I’ve been working with over the spring/summer!

Jason and Keasha’s wedding was my second wedding I shot this year and I just looooved their engagement photos. We had such…

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kally + ryan :: engagement

I’m not sure which I love more. When someone tells me that someday they are going to hire me as their wedding photographer and they do it over three years later as soon as they are engaged… orrrrrr when a bridesmaid from a past wedding I photographed books me. They both are so exciting and mean so much to me that that girl has always loved my work and followed me throughout the years. Kally was just that, and actually did both. I photographed her cousin’s wedding I think about three years ago! I believe…

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bradley + emily :: engagement

Bradley and Emily are a very special couple to me. Brad’s name has graced the blog a few times throughout the years, I first met Brad while meeting with a bride back in 2010! That is so crazy it was that long ago. He owns his own videography company called Bradley Productions and when Brad was meeting with the bride after me, we said our hellos and nice to meet you and that was that. Come the wedding summer of 2011 and Tara and I were working side by side Brad’s main guys. But no…

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kailen + lukas :: engagement

I love when I meet a future bride and groom in a fun unique way. I met one of my 2012 couples [Jammie + Pat] while sitting with them at a reception of their friends wedding whom I was shooting and then a year later, I shot theirs. Of course there is the fair share of high school acuatences, friends of friends, but something just makes me soooo happy when I get a bridesmaid from a wedding I shot in the past. Kailen was the maid of honor at another 2012 couple’s June wedding I…

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audrey + justen :: engagement

I’m not the ‘nervous’ type. I mean I have a few things here and there that will get some butterflies in the tummy going, but not that often. My parents had been divorced for a couple years and after a few ‘fail’ boyfriends, my mom introduced us to Bruce. Thee ONLY boyfriend I approved and liked. I told mom it was a go, and after they had been dating for awhile it was time for all of us kids to tag along to the family Christmas party and meet the whole VanDerKolk family … which might I add,…

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sam + justin :: engagement

Through emails, Sam kept warning me that Harlow was very very active and to be ready. “Yeah, yeah … trust me’ I thought … I’ve had my fair share of active busy children. But holy smokies … was I wrong. This little girl has places to go! I’m pretty sure I was sweating and it wasn’t that warm out. But I love a busy body … its funny to watch her run around and to just wonder how her little brain works.

Sam and Justin met at work and then shortly after falling in love were blessed with baby Harlow. Long story…

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sam + eric :: engagement

Sam is a very close family friend and so is her mother whom ‘organized’ our ‘Thursday morning therapy sessions’ in the summer … on our horses. Sam also works with my mom at our family business so this girl is near and dear to my heart. Unfortunatly I’m not the lucky lady who gets to photograph these two’s wedding day come August, but I’m so excited for them non the less and so thankful I got to meet up with them over a month ago to snap some engagement photos! Yes yes … I can’t believe I haven’t shared these…

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