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caleb :: senior

if i haven’t talked about my best friend stephany enough on here i apologize. she is my very best friend in the whole entire world and we definitely don’t see eachother as much as we should. life has taken us down some different paths … she went away for college in kalamazoo and i stayed home … then she moved to detroit to work, got married, and now just left for texas last friday. but thats my stephany. and i love her. but this post isn’t about stephany … that shall come a different day. this is about her little brother caleb who i have had the honor of watching grow up into a handsome young man. i saw him go from a short little five year old boy and then onto his super obnoxious age, like … 8-10 … and now to hang out with him in such a exciting time in his life is so much fun. he is sooo smart, but then again everyone in stephany’s family is … all the siblings are in the medical field and i sometimes just act like i know what they’re talking about [me and my ‘creative’ brain haha]. and i should mention caleb is super tall, i should have brought a step ladder. so yes, i feel some what like his big sister watching him transform into this sweet and smart young man.

like stephany … caleb is family to me. they are home … comfortable, and i love it. he is one talented guy too. plays guitar and is in the marching band which occupies most of his free time. like most seniors, he isn’t sold on a plan yet but looking towards becoming a physician assistant which i definitely can see him doing. good luck caleb and enjoy your last year of high school. so glad i got to snap some photos of you during this exciting time in your life. i hope you always look back at these and remember how you looked at life at this age.


caleb’s dad is in the military and actually just got home last week so we had to snap one of his dog tag. so glad stephen aka dad is home safe and we love you! so grateful for all you do!




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  1. Ginny
    Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
    Great pictures Leah. Caleb is a great guy. I think he is wearing one fo the same shirts that Isaiah did.:)
  2. Stephany
    Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
    Yay!! This turned out great!! Love you Leah all the way from Texas!! XOXO
  3. Stephany
    Thursday, November 3rd, 2011