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whatever you do don’t let me hold a baby right now. seriously. I’m not sure what is going on but I am so clumsy lately. about three or so weeks ago I was sitting at the kitchen table, painting my nails a bright pink … oh how I love switching my nail colors these days. after the tenth nail I look down and am like, “wow Leah, pretty darn good! I can’t believe I did that good!” as I smile I swing my hand over [looking back I have no idea what I was about to do] and there it goes. hot pink nail polish bottle flying through the air … in slow motion. I actually used my super ninja skills and tried to grab it only to make it spin even more circles in the air causing it to fling even further. crash. wow. I stood there for a minute in shock until I started frantically hopping around saying “oh my gosh oh my gosh” it was from wall to wall all over my kitchen tile, table, my feet, my clothes … hot pink nail polish. after a good hour of scrubbing with nail polish remover [which I also spilled while cleaning up] I was amazed I had gotten it all out [including off my own nails that i had done such a good job on]. then I hear matts truck. Ahhhh. I went into panic mode. I am actually the bigger freak about our house and the cleanliness of it but he would be upset about the tile he laid. I scrambled and everything was good and put away. “hi babe! How are youuuu … Whoaaa did you spill nail polish remover?! It stinks!” I shook my head with wide eyes. he read right through me … “you spilled nail polish didn’t you?!” busted. It’s a funny little story to look back on now that it’s all cleaned up and nothing ruined. he just rolled his eyes at me and still jokes with me about not holding babies anytime soon …

fast forward a few weeks and it’s last week. thursday I’ll standing in the kitchen pouring a nice big glass of iced lemonade. The pour was successful, turn to the fridge as I’m putting the top on and I just let go. I have no idea why. the positive thing was my kitchen smelled super clean. lemon fresh. friday afternoon, working on a blogpost and spill my coffee everywhere. even on my iphone which luckily I snagged and wiped off right away. seriously people. I am normally a coordinated person, so hopefully this stops. these are just a few or many little stories. I had one day in the grocery store everything I grabbed I knocked something off the shelves. I was laughing out loud at myself. I guess we all have our moments … but in the meantime I’ll stay away from babies and expensive vases … definitely babies.

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  1. Marcy
    Monday, April 25th, 2011
    U r the funniest thing EVER!!!!!! hahahahaha, sometimes I do stuff like that too but I don't think it's clumsy. I think it's just a busy mind all of a sudden thinking something and BAM! :) BTW, love the pics of you and your pooch on the blog header!!!!