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Be warned. This post is going to be a loooooooong one full of too many photos. There is no other way to share this wedding that has been dying to hit the blog. Bradley and Emily are near and dear to my heart as you can read a little more about here on their engagement photos post I posted yesterday. Because I think we should stick to the love these two have for one another on such an amazing day.

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I absolutely loved Emily’s smile and excitement once she put her wedding dress on. Jumping up and down like she has waited for this day since she was a little girl, her smile was so contagious. Bradley gifted Em with a beautiful Bible and this couple is truly walking hand in hand with the Lord throughout their relationship and now their marriage and that just pumps me up.

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The first look was probably one of my favorite moments from the day. I cried. Totally cried. I mean, I am pregnant but the moment was just so precious and Brad is such a sensitive, caring, and passionate guy that I’m pretty sure Tara and I both lost it. I love how he doesn’t hide his feelings. He told me from the get go, that it was super important to him to at least have some part of their wedding day on Lake Michigan. They had had so many important moments on the beach [including their insanely tear jerker proposal lip-dub he did that landed them on Good Morning America that you have to watch when you’re done with this] so he knew they had to at least get ready on the beach and see each other for the first time. So hearing that he had already put so much time and thought into this decision and knew what he wanted, I knew it was going to be nothing short of amazing. I’m pretty sure she really did take his breath away.

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I remember asking Brad how him and Emily had met. Being the jokester that he is, he told me online. Its actually pretty common these days and I’ve had brides and grooms meet online so I didn’t think anything of it and seriously thought that for years. UNTIL their engagement session when I asked EMILY and she said that they had met at school while working at the same office. So I was a bit misled for awhile there, we still have no idea why he told me the online story but now I know the real story between this couple and how Brad and Emily didn’t really think much of eachother when they had first met but of course after some time of working together, they changed their mind and the two became friends, then best friends, and of then the next step, fell madly in love. It says a lot about a couple that can keep their relationship strong when one is far away. Brad traveled Europe and Asia for six months while Emily waited back home for him. Lots of skype dates, these two kept in close contact and that sounds a lot easier than it was. I can’t even imagine how hard that was for them and also such a test on their relationship. I’m so happy they passed that crazy hard test with the help of the Lord. Because these two are so meant to be.

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Their reception was held in Bradley’s parents backyard and it was breathtaking. Every little detail was thought of and I just had so much fun documenting the amaziness! I absolutely love the backyard tent feel and we had some perfect weather for it too. Every single table was different and had Emily and Brad’s personality written all over it. I different plates was probably my favorite detail from the wedding reception. Other than the cupcakes of course which were to die for.

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I thought i died and went to heaven when this car was waiting for the them outside of the church. And I love the fact that it is Brad’s grandpa’s car so it has some special meaning.

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Of course Bradley Productions put together this amazing video that was debut at the wedding. It is titled, ‘How to fall in love’ and was probably one of thee cutest videos I have ever seen. Well on top of their proposal. So I can’t even wait to watch their wedding video when I’m done with this post. Make sure to watch all three, you won’t regret it. [all links to their videos at the bottom of this post]

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Anyone spot where waldo aka Brad is? The dancing was preeeeety crazy which I love. Always a great way to end the night with some EPIC dance moves. I laughed so hard at all the energy on this dance floor. Energy and summer sweat. And beer. What could be better? There was some pretty ‘technical’ lifts happening on this patio along with jumping, spinning, and everything in between.

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Now that you’ve seen all the photo goodness, its time to take a few minutes out of your day and watch their videos. Thanks for making me cry again at 6:00 minutes in on the wedding hilite video Brad! Gaaaah. Gets me everytime. Congrats you two! Obviously have MAD love for you both and can’t wait to continue our friendship over the years. Its going to be EPIC!


Brad + Emily’s wedding HiLite video


‘How to fall in love’ video


Full wedding video

Proposal Lip-dub


Bradley Productions website


Enjoy and grab a kleenex!




  1. Thursday, August 8th, 2013
    LOVE this Leah! Excellent and Beautiful coverage, girl! xoxo
  2. Kristen Wiltz
    Saturday, August 10th, 2013
    Pretty sure it's almost 2am but I just LOVE all your pictures!! Amazing job as normal! But then of course I had to watch the videos...yup sitting on my couch crying my eyes out! Such a beautiful wedding and I lOVED all the details! (I'm assuming but is he Bradley of Bradley productions?) Amazing work by all!!
    • Monday, August 19th, 2013
      Oh my Kristen! I love your comment and glad I'm not the only sap around ;) haha HOPE ALL IS WELL!!!!