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Bradley and Emily are a very special couple to me. Brad’s name has graced the blog a few times throughout the years, I first met Brad while meeting with a bride back in 2010! That is so crazy it was that long ago. He owns his own videography company called Bradley Productions and when Brad was meeting with the bride after me, we said our hellos and nice to meet you and that was that. Come the wedding summer of 2011 and Tara and I were working side by side Brad’s main guys. But no Brad. We kicked it off with his videographers James and Stephen and had a blast. The whole day became even more fun, if that was possible working next to these guys in Indiana. Then comes Brad to the reception. Tara and I laughed the whole entire night. It was our first time working side by side with a videographer so closely and a friendship was started that night between all of us. [highly recommend these guys … obviously]

Fast forward years, I’m still very close with Brad and he is near and dear to my heart. He is such an amazing guy and so inspiring with a crazy awesome growing business. We would sometimes work together and did end up booking more weddings together. I remember one day I drove to his office to work side by side with Brad and his guys just to have some company while editing. In between our work, we chatted about life and I got to hear about this girl named Emily. I heard how amazing she was, and how he was so madly in love with her and he was going to propose but he wasn’t sure when yet. Over time I waited, but didn’t want to push … I just waited to hear the news that Brad was engaged. Finally he told me he was doing it super soon and sure enough, I got a text some random night at 10pm saying, ‘Just wanted to tell you personally that EMILY AND I ARE ENGAGED!” My husband had never met Brad so he didn’t understand my super weird squeaky noise and my excitement. Even though I hadn’t met Emily yet, I KNEW she would be so amazing with how awesome Brad is.

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I finally got to meet Emily at Bradley Production’s launch party [which I photographed]. Yup, she was as sweet as I figured. Actually even more sweeter than I ever thought someone could be. Just a super smiley, fun, caring woman. I got that vibe right away, even with our brief discussion. In case you feel like crying and enjoy mushy lovey things … you have to watch this. Their proposal video that landed them on Good Morning America. Yeah. That is how great they are. So shortly after that, Brad was getting offers from other photographers and I was THRILLED and also a wee bit nervous when he asked me to be THEIR photographer. Whoa. Talk about a huge duty to document this couple’s love but also to photograph a ‘famous’ couple like these two. 😉 But boy am I thankful SOOOO THANKFUL they choose me. It means the world to me! I just love this couple. Can you tell?

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So we met for their engagement photos right before their wedding and I just had to share some of my favorites right before I post their wedding photos with you guys. And I will be sure to include lots of links to all their amazing videos. They showed their love story at the reception and let me tell you … tear jerker. Freakin’ adorable.

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Be sure to check back soon for their wedding photos. As Bradley would say, its going to be EPIC.



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  1. Tuesday, August 6th, 2013
    Holy tear jerker! What a fabulously cute couple!
  2. Tara
    Tuesday, August 6th, 2013