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bath & body works haul

In light of the busiest shopping time of the year underway, I thought what a great time to share my HAUL from Bath and Body Works yesterday on my ONE excursion outside my home on black Friday. I was scared, real scared to head out on the roads. You see, I’m not much of a ‘shopper’ … the crowds and fights over small electronics tend to scare me off. I’ve always said, I’d rather pay full price for something than to get no sleep and stand in line to save a buck. However, I now can see SOME WHAT of the excitement of black Friday. Yes, yes … I said it. Its true. It is pretty excited when you save not only a buck, but $230!

I waited until the storm had passed and asked my mom if she was interested in venturing out with me to the quiet, not so busy mall in Holland to go to one store and one store only. You see, I had candles on the brain and love to stock up on a good sale. I had already done my online shopping for the day [some more amazing deals with no lines] and just had this feeling I had to GO to the store to smell the goodness and boy am I happy I did. If I wouldn’t have done that I would have probably spent 3 times as much as I did. I had no idea you could use more than one coupon yesterday and boy did I stock up. My house is going to smell soooo delicious! And no not from my baking [although I did bake some amazing pinterest inspired muffins for thanksgiving] … but it will be from my yummy CHEAP [usually expensive] candles. Now I’m wishing I would have bought more. And to clarify … one is a gift.

Back to work. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and are having a happy long weekend! I would love to hear what amazing deals you found yesterday?! Maybe 2013 will be my ‘black friday debut’ ?!?! Who knows …


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