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august 2012 goals


why hello august. my favorite, oh so favorite month. i personally don’t see august as the end of the summer, but more so it signifies the summer for me. you can laugh at me but i absolutely love the local county fair. yup, i know … dork. i actually raised hogs for the fair for ten years as a young’n so i always camped at the fair and it was just such an exciting time in my childhood that its hard to not get excited for it still. its even where matthew and i first met way back in the day. NINE years ago. so crazy. August is also a very busy busy month with weddings galore along with a bunch of senior portraits. And the most exciting part is celebrating my anniversary on august 11 with a WEEK LONG vacation! along with my sister and her husband on the 13th, dad and step mom’s today, lots of family birthdays this month! here we go!

i have to be honest with all my readers. i haven’t set a lot of new goals these past few months. my main goal this summer was to finally launch my new website and blog which is happened so i’m so happy and proud about that. i’m known to overwhelm myself and just knew that during the busy season, i wouldn’t be able to focus on reading a book, or doing anything else really besides trying to edit and send out sessions in time and enjoy my summer. its nice every once awhile to take a break from a huge list of ‘to do’s’ and just do your thang. of course though, i love making goal lists so here i am back at it.


August Goals

finish all june + july wedding edits
start designing and order wedding albums
sleep more
drink more water
exercise 4-5 times a week
put my phone away more, shut it off sometimes just because
enjoy a week long anniversary vacation with matthew with no working! [this has never been done before]


photo source :: i have this new interest in surfing and absolutely LOVE this video of Alana and Bethany. I have now added ‘swimming in Hawaii and diving under a wave and brushing the ocean bottom with my fingers’ on the bucket list. not too specific is it? check out the video and at 2:40 is my new dream. loving following alana on instagram as well. if i can have her body when i cross this off the bucket list too that would be nice.

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