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audrey :: senior

we rescheduled after we seen a huge storm on the radar and ended up meeting to snap some photos of audrey on her 17th birthday. how fun. this girl is sooo awesome. if you don’t know her then i suggest to get to know her. i can tell she is one of those friends you would never want to loose. very talkative with huge dreams. we chatted about her thoughts on being a personal trainer … but then again, she has always had mad love for photography. no matter what direction this girl goes, she’ll be good. guarantee that.

we had a blast going from farm to farm and again, laughing the whole time. most people get a little nervous in the beginning of the session when a camera is in their face and i usually just get the deer in the headlights look … with audrey … i got the giggle attack. she wasn’t sure why but she just couldn’t stop laughing. so of course, we went with it and i loved it.

so with further adieu … meet audrey. so beautiful and i hope her fun and bubbly personality shines through these photographs.


tomorrow paige will hit the blog whom tagged along with audrey on this session. love it when that happens.



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  1. Thursday, September 1st, 2011
    love all the smiles!!! Leah you are so good at this because you care to take the time to get to know your people!!!!!!
  2. Ginger
    Thursday, September 1st, 2011
    As usual...awesome job Leah!