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audrey + justen :: engagement

I’m not the ‘nervous’ type. I mean I have a few things here and there that will get some butterflies in the tummy going, but not that often. My parents had been divorced for a couple years and after a few ‘fail’ boyfriends, my mom introduced us to Bruce. Thee ONLY boyfriend I approved and liked. I told mom it was a go, and after they had been dating for awhile it was time for all of us kids to tag along to the family Christmas party and meet the whole VanDerKolk family … which might I add, it the whole town of Holland. I was nervous. We didn’t know anyone and here we are, the ‘new’ kids to the family. I remember right away this super sweet and adorable girl about my age approaching me and making me feel like we had been cousins our whole life. Audrey was soooo welcoming, along with the rest of the family but we just clicked right away and have been friends ever since.

Of course life gets busy and her family lives in Lansing but we still try to catch up in between the family get togethers here and there. So thankful that my mom married into an amazing family and I have gained some pretty amazing cousins and friends from this. Audrey being one of them.

Then comes Justen. Audrey and Justen met four and a half years ago when Audrey was nannying across the street from Justen’s house. They had been told about eachother and finally Justen got the courage to ask Audrey to hang out. At the end of the summer, the two had hung out quite a bit and Justen headed back to Michigan State and Audrey to Grand Valley but the two stayed together throughout college and now of course its time for them to take the next step and get married!

Audrey has always been soooo sweet about my photography and I am so excited to be so up front and close on their big day in June 2013. Just happens to be the VanDerKolk Christmas party tonight too, which I believe will be my 11th year being a part of this family. No more butterflies, just pure excitement to see them all. Happy Saturday!




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  1. Kimberly Joy
    Saturday, December 15th, 2012
    Awesome Leah! Audrey you look stunning, and Justen...not so bad yourself either :)