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sharing is caring :: what i’m loving lately

it first started as monday must haves … now its turned into basically anything thats on my forehead. what do i mean by that?! you see, when i go shopping, glance at something i want, or am loving something lately … its usually stamped on my forehead. meaning i can’t stop thinking about it. something that runs in the family i believe … or the human race. this past weekend was very relaxing and calm for me as i was recovering from a small surgery. lately i haven’t had as many things on my forehead that i need to buy but more so appreciating what i do have and enjoying the little things in life.

one. my chandelier i bought over a year ago that we just hung in my rustic sunporch. i’m in love and enjoy looking in the room. its crazy how one thing can ‘complete’ a room. i bought this cute little chandelier at hobby lobby for only 20 bucks!

two. oh how i love walking out my back door and seeing my hostas poking up from the ground. i enjoy seeing how much they have grown in just one day. spring is here! i’m so excited

three. reading. i love reading lately and have plenty of books to catch up on. currently i am reading giuliana and bill rancic’s … i do, now what? i love reading books that can make me a better wife, photographer, friend, listener, thinker … person.

four. ipad. if you know my husband you know he has the coolest things ever. {i mean come on … look at his wife {hehe} for his birthday i got him the new ipad 2 and we’re loving playing with it this month. the clarity of the pictures on these things is amazing. i can’t wait to use it for my business meetings as well.

five. relaxing. like i said, this week has been all about catching up on the z’s along with watching movies, spending time with family and friends and reading … along with spending some time with my #six.

six. my begging dog zoey. yes this is what i get to look at when i eat banana bread on the sofa. i told her no begging and to lay down and this is as good as it gets. i was laughing so hard and i giggle everytime i look at the picture. she’s so cute.

happy monday!




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  1. Matt
    Monday, April 11th, 2011
    Hey!!! Keep your hands off my birthday present ;)!! Nice post babe and Zoey is pretty funny!!! We all know why she chooses to beg you!
  2. Ashley Freeman
    Monday, April 11th, 2011
    i just bought that "i do now what" book! i've been waiting for it in the mail. i just love that couple!
  3. Tara
    Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
  4. Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
    Ok, another long comment for you! Enjoy :)
    A) Love love your chandelier
    B) Love love your pictures! Very vintage :)
    C) my Emma does the EXACT same thing with me! Every morning I sit at the kitchen table and eat a bowl of cereal and every morning Emma follows me in, puts her head right on my lap and looks up at me with just her adorable puppy eyes. But since I rarely feed her, instead I just scratch her head and behind her ears, I think she is more begging for a good scratch than food. I don't know how, but SOMEHOW she understands me when I say "No, go lay down" cause she will if she is pestering me. She also understands "Where are the squirrels?" {after which she proceeds to bolt to the slider and look out excitedly, hoping one is there teasing her with their tail (because they always do)}, "Where is your toy" {then she goes on the hunt and picks up the first toy she spots and brings it over. Except that she doesn't drop it, she makes you chase her, being close enough to where you can touch the toy, but quick enough to not let you get a grip on it} and she can even spell. W.A.L.K. and P.O.O.L. {She LOVES to swim. I actually have to tell her to get out of the pool otherwise she will probably drawn from being exhausted. She even dives off the diving board :)} I have a picture of her up on my blog, along with my brothers pup that Emma has kind of become the "cool, older sister" to. Maeby follows her around like a little sister follows her cooler older sister around. So adorable.