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Ari :: senior portraits

i would say most of the time when i have a senior session, their mother accompanies them on their session or even sometimes mom, and some friends. which i love. i love meeting new people and having more people to talk to. BUT, its also so nice to have it one on one sometimes and i feel as though we get to know eachother a little bit better and also ‘try’ different things because we’re not too distracted and you can’t beat any one-on-one situations. so when ari showed up with just herself, i was surprised but also excited. just two girls hanging out having fun and trying to capture some photos of her beauty for her last year of school. exciting.

i can’t even begin to remember all we talked and laughed about but lets just say, i truly felt like i was just hanging out with a friend … even though we had just met for the first time. this girl is a tomboy. need i say more?! yeah, we clicked. she’s into snowmobiling, dirtbiking, the country life, trucks … we’re two peas in a pod. we talked about her last year at byron center high school and how excited she was and ready to venture onto the next chapter in her life. although, she knows she doesn’t want to rush it … this girl has goals and plans that she is going to chase after. that much i know. she hopes to become a police officer and i would bet money on it, this girl will excel in that line of work. she definitely has what it takes.

so much fun spending the evening with you ari and capturing your beauty. i loved all our conversations and even though i was INFESTED with poison ivy the next few weeks after this, it was totally worth it. but it was the worst i’ve ever had … lesson learned.

“Ari, I’m pretty sure I’m standing in a pit of poison ivy … but its so worth the shot” … yes it was … here they are [car ones is when i was standing in TONS of STRONG poison ivy].

enjoy <3



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  1. Ari
    Tuesday, September 25th, 2012
    I love my pictures girl!! Thank you! And I love the little paragraph about our day taking pictures.. It was very cute. I can't wait to get my disk of the rest of them! Thank you so much, again!