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april + clayton :: engagement

it was just over a year ago that april and clayton met through mutual friends. later that night clayton asked april out on a date … to see our local baseball team the white caps … with his parents. yup. first date, with the parents. april in her head laughed and told herself there was now way i am going with him and his parents for our first date, and then said yes. thats how she is. so sweet and always wanting to please others and she said she just couldn’t say no to his face. he is just too cute to do that, and its a good thing because they have been inseparable every since.

we met at clayton’s parents business, bunker hill in burnips. pulling in the driveway there … memories of my childhood sunday afternoons came flooding back. we all know i’m a full country girl and being out in burnips, dorr, allegan, or hamilton area is my favorite. i jumped in their truck and we immediately started chatting like it was our hundredth time hanging out. but we had never met. clayton and april are just my kind of people. they are also huge into snowmobiles and i love how april is down to try anything and is a tomboy at heart as well. she mentioned that one thing on her bucket list is to race in a motocross race. me being a seasoned veteran [haha] i told her i would totally do it with her again, i’ve been missing it lately anyway. we chatted about snowmobiling and planned our future trips together, motocross, crotch rockets, life, them, oh and of course kallie. the star of the session in the beginning. or should i say diva. she was willing to pose and have fun with them, as long as bubble gum was near and ready.

come this october this adorable couple will be official and i can not wait to document it and so happy for our new found friendship that i already cherish. i’m not sure how i find these people … or rather they find me but its amazing how there are so many photographers out there and we all have our ‘matches’ and the ones that are just meant to be. meaning … there are just some couples out there for me and some not … and i’m loving how we find eachother. i cherish all these amazing friendships that have been created through photography. there are so many amazing people out there and i’m lucky to meet a few here and there … especially this one.

being a daddy girl myself, i’m loving these pictures of clayton with his baby girl. the bond between a father and daughter is amazing and from what i saw in a few hours, clayton is an amazing father. this girl is going to rip it on the trails too someday, that i’m sure of 😉

i just love the pouty face … come on dad … all she wanted was some bubble gum! geesh.

now for some romantic time … just the two of them.

this couple is adorable. and i love how clayton laughs.

seriously. we need to hug our significant others more often in life. matt and i always kiss but we all need to hug more. its so surreal and i love bear hugs. especially this one.

happy friday!



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  1. Andrea
    Friday, June 3rd, 2011
    great pics!
  2. April Brewer
    Friday, June 10th, 2011
    Clayton and I love them Leah!! Nice work and many thanks ; )