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There seems to be a trend on the blog lately. The last 3 posts are showcasing some cute preggo bellies. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying spending some time with these expecting ladies and hearing about their excitement for their new arrival. It is contagious … not the pregnancy thank goodness πŸ˜‰ but the excitement. It rubs off on you when spending some time with these couples and hearing about their plans and thinking how much life is going to change in a few short weeks. So happy to share with my blog readers too quick, Tom and Kelsey just welcomed baby BOY [as i presumed] Dedan into the world on Wednesday! All these new little lives are so exciting.

I met Jason and Amanda for the first time last week and really enjoyed getting to know them and freezing with them. Oh wait, not the last part but we still had a good time. Jason was at a fellow marine’s wedding when he met a friend of the bride, Amanda. Shortly after they went on what I think may be the cutest first date story … snowboarding for the first time together. How funny would that be to do it for the first time together. Coming from someone who snowboards and understands how difficult it is when you first start, they must have let all their dignity out the door and just laughed and giggled the whole time. Thats what I would have done. No ‘trying to impress him’ … biff it, cry, fall some more, bruised knees, face washes, laughing together … such a cute first date.

Shortly after they get engaged, married, and here comes a baby girl. Amanda seems to be quite the planner and along with Jason, they’ve already settled on a name, Eila Cheree. These two will be such great parents and hopefully Rocco won’t be too jealous he has to share them. I’m sure he doesn’t know what’s coming. Reminds me of this pintrest photo I found the other day and laughed so hard at because its so my Zoey too. So true.

Will continue to think of this couple and pray the delivery goes smoothly πŸ™‚ I know they’re getting pretty anxious but lets let her marinate in there as long as she wants πŸ˜‰

A few of my favorites. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰




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  1. mommy
    Saturday, February 11th, 2012
    love the pics!