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8 month bump :: baby #2

I’m having such mixed emotions just like I did the first go around. I want to meet this baby and hold it and kiss it and smell it and know what IT is so bad! But then again, I’m just so enjoying being pregnant again and I don’t want this second pregnancy to end! Even though by the end of most days, my who-ha feels like its going to fall off or explode.

Some days I feel huge. Then others, small. A few family members commented saying I looked smaller this time around than I did with Levi. And then I kissed them. I feel as though when I’m bare belly, I look smaller. But I’ll save you all from that and stick to photos with the shirt on. I do feel like I’m carrying similar to the way I did with the first pregnancy, but then again sometimes its shaped a little differently and makes me think maybe its a little girly in there!


How far along: 32 weeks, 4 days
Sleep: Great.
I never ever ever want to get rid of my pregnancy pillow. NEVER EVER. Matt feels differently about it though … 
Best moment this week:
 We went to a wild animal park this past weekend and I had gone there last summer with Levi. So coming back to that and having a big ole bump made me just think about how blessed I am to be pregnant again. I am so so thankful. I also just love rocking Levi in his rocker and having him snuggled up around my belly and feeling the baby kicking and rolling around while I snuggle him. Thinking I have TWO babies is just insane and makes me thee happiest woman in the world. Also, I have been making some new friends lately and so so thankful for that! I’m having the best time getting to know these super sweet girls, some who have babies the same age as me. It is so fun to have each other to lean on while figuring out motherhood at the same time. So cheers to new found friendships!!! AND HOW CAN I FORGET, when I went for my check up … I didn’t gain a pound in 2 weeks! WOOT WOOT! 
This baby is starting to get pretty crazy in there! I still think it doesn’t move AS MUCH as Levi, but he was a super freak. But this one is working his or her way to being almost as active. My belly will all of a sudden push to one side and I just love it. This morning we had a foot that I was sure was about to rip through my skin and pop out. This baby rolls more than kicks though for sure. And switches sides. 
Miss anything:
 Besides a TAN … my energy is probably the only thing as of now I miss. I don’t even remember what beer tastes like at this point so that craving hasn’t happened. 
Food cravings: 
Ice cream! Oh wait … that’s everyday.
Maternity Clothes: I’m still trying to stick to my non-maternity clothes and make them work but as the bump grows. I did purchase a few tops like the one I’m wearing in these photos [polka dot one is gone but there is stripes]! I also purchased some maternity jeans [BEST INVESTMENT EVER] because I couldn’t take my other jeans buttons jabbing into the bottom of my belly. Love love love them! And I got them on sale so it was a good purchase! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
I felt pretty awesome this month, just starting to get super tired again. 2nd trimester is where its at!
Gender prediction: Boy is my guess. But this baby really has me stumped! I’m not NEAR as sure as I was with Levi.
Labor signs: No, just lots and lots of braxton hicks. Had them sooner this time around which I hear is normal and they seem to be stronger. So labor should be so much fun [shit] Lets not talk about that yet.
Belly button in or out: Blown out
Wedding rings on or off: On, I am starting to swell a little bit. Hopefully not as bad as I did with Levi. That was ugly. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: 
Happy! I think Matt just is coming to the realization that we’re going to have ANOTHER baby to care for. He’s getting nervous but super excited. Feeling is mutual.
Looking forward to: 
I’m getting so excited to hear “IT’S A …… ” That was thee best moment ever the first go around and I think I’m even MORE excited this time to know! Unfortunalely I’m not as able to ‘nest’ this time around due to us not having another spare room! I’m so bummed, but know that that is just the way it is for us. The baby will obviously sleep next to me in the bassinet for the first few months because I will be breastfeeding again, but I definitely need to start nesting soon. I’ve been using all my nesting energy and purging like a son of a gun. Doing garage sales with friends, donating like crazy, and dropping tubs of old clothes off at consignment stores. Feels soooo good. Our house is getting close to being ready to put up for sale! After baby of course … 
How is Zoey handling the news:
Miss Zoey turns 8 this Saturday! [tear] She seriously is our first baby and I’m so thankful for her. I try not to think about the time clock ticking. Dogs should live longer, it’s just not fair. She does so amazing with kids I can’t believe it. I even watched like [what feels like] 703 kids this week and she lets them crawl all over her. ‘Pet’ [slap] her, poke her eyes … I try to watch for it but I’m sure some lip grabbing happens behind my back. [Levi likes to look at her teeth]. Don’t worry, she’ll get a birthday treat this weekend for sure and possibly a ‘ball throwing get away from the baby’ hour.


So excited to be having some maternity photos taken this week! It was kind of rushed because of Michigan’s weather forecast the next 2 weeks so I’m currently panicking like my clients do, trying to find outfits. We’ll see how it turns out. But I’m just excited to document this time in my life. I always ALWAYS dreamt of being pregnant and then the thought of having one beautiful baby and then another on the way is just more than I could have ever dreamed of. So it should be fun.

I even got my hair all did the other day! [After I took these pics] Felt so good to get a fresh cut and color! Not too crazy but excited to show it off!

Happy Tuesday!

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