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40 week bump :: baby #2

Due date has come and gone and I’m not surprised this little stubborn baby hasn’t made his or her debut yet. It think IT is super comfy in there. But mama isn’t so comfy. Although I’m such a weirdo and already know I’m going to miss being pregnant. Even though it feels like I’ve been pregnant for 3 years straight when you put breastfeeding in the middle of the pregnancies! Matthew and I just love to lay in bed and talk about the fact that we’re about to be blessed with another little baby and we just never even imagined such blessings and so close together! I am so excited, nervous, excited, scared, anxious, thankful … so many more words to describe what I’m feeling but all those things rolled up into PUMPED. Labor/delivery was obviously super painful but I also loved the experience at the same time and am excited to be a team again with Matthew and birth another babe. He keeps reminding me before bed every night … we got this babe. Yes we do!


How far along: 40 weeks, 3 days
Gender prediction: AHHH. No clue with this baby! I’m going to guess boy even though I subconsciously have been leaning towards a girl, and accidentally wearing a lot of pink.
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Mixing in with some non-maternity pieces that work during pregnancy but towards the end, you almost have to if your belly is as big as mine because otherwise it hangs out the bottom. I have been living in maxi dresses as you all know! Yet again another amazing PinkBlush Maternity Maxi I have on in these photos! [sold out in the above color as of now, but they still have the orchard purple I wore a few posts back]. Favorit-est dress ever! Hence why I got it in 2 colors! I love the sleeves, length of the maxi, and then pairing it with fun accessories like this denim vest or a blingin’ necklace like I did with the purple version of this dress. Love love love. 
Not so good lately. I thought for sure I was going into labor Thursday night with some pretty intense contractions [which faded away], and just all around being super uncomfortable. It also seems to be the time when the baby is super active and wiggles around and there just isn’t much room in there so it hurts pretty bad. I’m still walking around like a champ though during the day. Getting out of bed in the middle of the night to go the bathroom is getting harder and harder as well. I sometimes have to wake Matthew up to help me and make noises that I would assume an 85 year old woman makes when getting out of bed. 
Best moment this week:
 Just the anticipation of meeting this little one is so fun. Yes the planner in me has a wee bit anxiety about not knowing the sex of the baby but the surprise in the delivery room way out weighs that for us. I just can’t wait for that moment! ITS A ….. !!!! Also really drives me to push through labor to have that exciting news waiting for me at the end of the tunnel you know?! 
Lots of stretches lately … and I don’t think my skin can stretch much more. [insert scared face here] 
Miss anything:
Sleeping. But who am I kidding. I won’t get that back after baby is here soooo…..
Not much of an appetite lately, which clearly means something is happening soon.
Queasy or sick: Haven’t been feeling 100% the past week or so. Body is definitely getting ready!
Labor signs: I’ve had quite a bit of signs lately. I really hope my water breaks again, but not sure I’ll get that lucky. Contractions, loss of appetite, nauseous at times, other lovely pregnancy things I’ll spare you from.
To Do List before baby: Nada!!! Whew. That felt amazing.
Looking forward to:
Meeting you baby girl or boy!!!!!! I can’t wait to kiss you and snuggle you and share you with our loved ones!


If you’re expecting too, make sure to check out PinkBlush Maternity for some maxi’s! They have so many awesome sales too! I personally love THIS maxi if you’re expecting a fall baby! Or THIS grey one too. It would photograph so good for maternity photos paired with a fun accessory. Let me just say again, these things are comfy! And its so important to be comfortable while taking your maternity photos, at your baby shower, and heck … just everyday! I’ve also tried on this dress and LOVED it but just didn’t have anywhere fun to wear it to. If you have a baby shower coming up, definitely a good option! Or heck, even a babymoon planned with a fancy dinner date with the hubby! Again, I was surprised with how comfy it was! If it helps anyone, I am usually a medium. So maxi’s + jeans are my top maternity clothes recommendations!


Next baby post will hopefully be announcing our new little one! Can’t wait to share and thank you to all those who have followed me along this crazy journey yet again! God is so good!

xoxo, Leah

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