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36 week bump :: baby mullett #2

I think i’m teetering on that line where I should probably just go into hiding for the remainder of this pregnancy verses going out and taking pictures of myself. Is it bad that I seriously have the hardest time finding/making time for documenting with some photos AND not to mention … getting ready rarely happens these days. I need a nap after I get done curling one side of my hair. But I’m trying to keep with it, especially with all this gorgeous weather we’ve been having and I only have 4 WEEKS LEFT! Insane!!!! I can’t believe I’m posting my 36 week bump for my second pregnancy!

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How far along: 36 weeks
Gender prediction: I’m going to guess a boy! 60% sure. But we’ve been getting a lot of girl guesses lately from friends and family and it just gets me even more excited to find out what this little peanut is! My subconscious thinks its a girl. If that makes sense. But I’m not sure if that is because I would like to have a girl or not?! I’m DEAD SERIOUS that I honestly do not care what this baby is as long as he or she is healthy. I know some people say that but really they want one or the other but if this baby is a boy, I’m so excited for Levi and him to be super close and BFF’s. And I love our boy name so much. If its a girl, then I’ll be so so happy too because I would love to experience a girl at some point. But I’m ready for whatever God plans for us to have. Maybe I’ll be a mother of 3 boys. Oh snap. That might scare me a little bit. If we do end up ever having a 3rd … I might find out the gender if I have 2 boys already because I want to know what I’m in for! 😉
Maternity Clothes: Mixture of non and maternity clothes. I actually just recently purchased an awesome pair of maternity jeans, which I know is a little late in my pregnancy but lets be real … I’ll be rocking those for forever a month or so after I’m sure.
Lately I’m sleeping like a rock! But takes me awhile to shut my brain down. Which I’ve always struggled with. But boy am I exhausted by 9pm. Not my normal night owl self lately. 
Best moment the past 2 weeks:
 Celebrating our last holiday before baby up north with Levi was fun! [Yes I better have this baby by the 4th!] Seeing our ‘northern michigan’ friends again and them all rubbing my belly around the camp fire is a good time and makes me smile so big. Feels like we were just doing that when I was pregnant with Levi! I actually enjoy getting things marked off our to do list around the house too, so that has made me happy! Finally feels like we’re getting there and making a dent on some things! House hunting however, has not been so fun. I get super discouraged because we seriously aren’t finding anything we like. So the search continues. 
Rolls from side to side and likes to stretch his or her little feetsies on my right side. Which is starting to hurt sometimes but still makes me smile. 
Miss anything:
Energy! Being able to bend over and exercise as much as I want. Its getting a littler harder these days to do any yoga poses let alone find any energy to get to the gym. 
Ice cream even more with this hot weather! Bagels, french onion chip dip and chips …. I went grocery shopping this morning  hungry. BAD. IDEA.
Queasy or sick: Sometimes as soon as I start eating I’ll get a little queasy … but that doesn’t stop me! After a few bites, it goes away.
Labor signs: Just some braxton hicks like crazy
To Do List before baby: Thought this was a fun little add on to the bump updates. As I said before, this baby doesn’t have his or her own nursery yet because we plan to move shortly after baby gets here [dumb I know, but just the way it worked out]. So I am having a hard time ‘nesting’ because realistically … we just did this! So I have everything still from Levi. Obviously if its a girl, I told Matt to have his bank account ready. I’m just making lists of things I see that I would like to buy if its a girl or boy. Just small things or things that I didn’t have with Levi that I wanted. But I pretty much am all set. Clean the bassinet, wash newborn gender neutral clothes and put in drawers. Clean out car seat, swing, and bouncy seat. When I’m 39 weeks, we’ll put the base in my car but not too worried about that. I ordered a nursing cover finally, never had one with Levi because I just always used a blanket but decided I would like one, definitely will share it after I’ve used it a few times and let you guys know if I think it was worth it. I have other odds and ends that have nothing to do with baby that I hope to do before the arrival. 
Looking forward to:
Registering at the hospital next week! Its going to make it so real! Also, just being more positive about names … kind of stresses me out. I think we’re set on our boy name but still would like to come up with a back up name and we’re debating between 2 or 3 right now. As far as a girl … Matthew has a name he’s been in love with for a long time and I’m just working it through my head making sure it is what I want. Naming is so hard! I like to play it over and over again in my head and just make sure we make the right decision.

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This whole pregnancy I have been planning on being done TODAY with photos and any other work related things. So of course … this past week has been probably thee busiest weeks I’ve had in … I dare say, a year. I’ve had 4 sessions and a wedding this weekend along with 2 niece’s birthday parties and my nephews. Plus life and getting home late from the cabin … unpacking, laundry … scouting. You can find me next week in my bed with my feet propped up. Just kidding, Levi wants to play outside all day ‘erey day now so maybe I can catch a tan before babe gets here.

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Big thanks again to my friend Alisa who snapped these photos for me! Those bushes are my absolute favorite and was so glad to catch them before they are done blooming! And to sneak my first born in a shot was fun. I normally never wear leopard but wanted to try something new … I might stick to my love for solids. I felt like a big fat pregnant leopard who should be hiding. Not to mention, it blows my mind that certain prints, outfits, and angles can make you look way bigger than you really are! So far I’m measuring right on track every appointment so I love to hear that! And for those of you who were jealous that I didn’t gain any weight for 6 weeks … don’t worry … memorial day weekend did me in. +2 pounds. Hey, it happens. Happy Weekend!

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