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34 week bump :: Baby #2

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I was just saying to Matthew that its funny to think back to October when we found out this little miracle baby was in the making, and picturing what May 2015 would be like … getting so close to being parents of two and here we are. MIDDLE of May and less than 6 weeks to go before we get to meet him or her! I just can’t believe it. Again, I’m going to miss this bump so much! Although after being pregnant back to back … and what feels like 7 years … I am trying to think positive and just look forward to having my body back, working out, and what not. Although … with breastfeeding, I feel like I still have to be very cautious about what I eat and drink. I went from trying to get pregnant (no drinking and what not), to pregnant, to breastfeeding, to pregnant. So I do need a little break. STILL. I just looooove the bump and being pregnant and all the kicks and movements!

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I’m getting a little nervous that I’m not ‘nesting’ as much as I did with Levi but I know its just different this time around and I’m trying to remind myself of that. I don’t have a million showers, new gifts, things to go buy … so it feels so weird like I’m not ready. When actually we have everything all set to go! Still working on purchasing a few NEW things for this little baby. Although, a lot of those things I want … I want to see what we have first so I told Matt to have our bank account ready for some purchases because if it is a girl … shits going to hit the fan. If its a boy … I still want a few things that after having a baby … I wished I would have had for Levi or things I’ve recently discovered. They’re always coming out with new and improved gadgets and goodies for babies!

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Can I just give myself a HUGE pat on the back too that I haven’t gained a POUND in 6 weeks!! Woot woot! I know weight gain is good for pregnancy but I started out with plenty of extra pounds for baby so I am so so happy about this. I honestly have not been trying or doing anything differently. But still do a happy dance when the nurse takes my weight. Appointment tomorrow, so we’ll see if I’m still on my no gaining streak! Probably not after our ice cream outing last night … whoops.

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How far along: 34 weeks, 3 days [exactly 34 weeks in photos]
Great! I am so thankful I didn’t have leg cramps a lot like some pregnant woman do. I had a terrible one wake me up this morning and I seriously could not get it to stop! Felt like my muscle was going to snap! Terrible. But other than that, sleeping like a baby, normal potty breaks throughout the night, and Matt says some massive snoring. Sorry babe. I am having a hard time ‘falling’ asleep due to my mind racing though. Must work on that because I’m starting to remember those sleepless nights and I need to take advantage of these next 6 weeks! 
Best moment this month:
 Celebrating Mother’s Day, welcoming ice cream season with open arms, and taking some family/maternity photos [will post soon!] was definitely the highlight of the past couple weeks! I always looked forward to being pregnant, and being pregnant with #2 and setting #1 on my belly!
Huge rolls and waves from side to side. And little feetsies jabbing out on my right side. I just smile so big. Levi was a kicker, this baby is a roller! 
Miss anything:
 Energy and not loosing my breath from walking a few steps. Or sitting there. Or when I put on my make up. Its insane. I hate the feeling of shortness of breath
Food cravings:
Ice cream [again this is even when I’m not pregnant], mashed potatoes, actually been craving water more! weird.
Maternity Clothes: I try to make my normal clothes work during pregnancy but once I get towards the end, I do have to embrace the pregnancy style more now. Seeing that my tank tops aren’t fully covering the bump these days. And I’m getting a little low on “summer” outfits to wear. Its a lot easier in the winter to have a few essential tank tops and put a cute cardigan over it. So I’m working on finding some gems to get me through the next month or so. Wearing one of my favorite dresses I recently purchased from Pink Blush Maternity here in these photos. I really wanted it for my maternity photos and of course it came 2 days late even after I rushed it. Boo. I was so bumped but so glad my friend Alisa snapped some photos of me in it with little man. We had a fun night downtown Holland strolling the streets, froyo of course, and shopping. I paired it with a blingin’ necklace from Francesca’s which I’m in love with. And Levi thought it was pretty cool too. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Feeling great besides the shortness of breath which is happening a lot these days.
Gender prediction: I’m 60% on boy …
Labor signs: Just lots of Braxton Hicks which are much more intense this pregnancy
Happy or Moody most of the time: 
Happy! Tired! Anxious! Nervous! Excited!
Looking forward to: 
Officially deciding on names! It felt so good this past weekend when we decided on a boys name! We still want to come up with a good back up and picking from a few of our other favorites. But pretty sure we found the one for him if it is a boy. Girl … we have like 4 favorites … Matthew is decided but I’m still not completely sold. Hopefully in the next week or so we can for sure decide on 2 names for each sex! We last minute decided to take a ‘baby moon’ again too! So we’re planning that right now. Unfortunatly it won’t be anything crazy big this time because of me being full term wherever we go … but just to get away for a weekend and relax with Matt sounds so amazing. I have a very busy next 2 weeks, shooting a wedding for a friend when I’m 36 weeks and then its OFFICIALLY ‘maternity leave’ for me and just prepping for babe! 

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Huge thank you to my friend Alisa who snapped these photos for me … and came up with the idea of a froyo date. It was totally her idea! Promise!


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    Cutest mama, cutest baby boy, and cutest bump EVER!